A Rare Alignment: Lunar Eclipse and Holi 2024 Significance and Timing

Lunar Eclipse and Holi 2024 Significance

As per our Hindu calendar, we will see four eclipses this year. So, if you are among those who like to learn about cosmic connections and more, this year will be a special one for you.

Holi 2024 is taking place with a lunar eclipse; isn’t that amazing? Seems like the universe is inviting us to explore the significance of this enchanting mix of traditions and mystique.

However, let’s not forget About Rang Panchmi, another vibrant Indian festival following Holi, adding more color and joy to our festivities.

Together, we’ll navigate these highlights:

Understanding the Significance: Lunar Eclipse on Holi 2024

Understanding the Significance Lunar Eclipse

This festival is my personal favorite. Winning good over evil isn’t just a saying. This festival says it all in a much-celebrated way.

Besides the WHY, we all have so many reasons to enjoy Holi 2024, ganging up with friends, joining family, and playing around with colors.

A festival with so many reasons to look up to is fun to talk about too. Another distinctive reason could be the astrology perspective when you attach great spiritual significance along.

For astrology enthusiasts amidst the Holi festivities and lunar eclipse, Holashtak 2024 holds significant importance. It will start from March 17 to March 24, when you need to refrain from performing anything auspicious that aligns with traditional beliefs.

However, Holi 2024 has more significance since it will fall on the same day as the lunar eclipse, carrying spirituality, tradition, and astrological significance.

As a person connected to Vedic wisdom, many people find solace in this alignment of celestial energy with human ceremonies or traditions. It’s like telling us how everything is linked and how beautifully the terrestrial and celestial realms intertwine.

Do you know there are three types of lunar eclipses? If the answer is no check them below.

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What are the three types of lunar eclipses, and which will occur on Holi 2024?

I am excited since we will see a penumbral lunar eclipse this Holi. What do we mean by that? What is a penumbral lunar eclipse? Let’s dive in and discover the secret together!

Types of Lunar Eclipse

Three types of lunar eclipses

Lunar eclipse has three types, depending on how the sun, moon, and Earth line up. There’s extra for us in store this Holi.

1. Total Lunar Eclipse

As far as I know, a total lunar eclipse is when the Earth’s shadow completely shields the moon, giving it a captivating yet deep red glow. It’s like witnessing nature’s show, filling our hearts with excitement and wonder.

2. Partial Lunar Eclipse

As the name suggests, it existed only in part. A partial lunar eclipse is like the moon playing hide-and-seek with the sun and the Earth, where only part of the moon hides in shadow. In this lunar eclipse type, the shadow appears dark on the side it faces the Earth.

3. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

During a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, it seems as if the faint outer part of the moon is wrapped in a delicate shadow, painting a subtle yet enchanting picture in the sky during the night.

Holika Dahan 2024 Muhurat or Timing

For many people in India and some other areas, doing everything at the right time (as per astrological facts) is prominent.

  • Holika Dahan this year will commence on Sunday, March 24.
  • Holika Dahan Muhurta – 11:13 to 12:27 AM(Mar 25)
  • Duration – 01 Hour and 14 Mins
  • Bhadra Punchha – 06:33 to 07:53
  • Bhadra Mukha – 07:53 to 10:06 PM

To my knowledge, performing Holika Dahan at the wrong time attracts misfortune and suffering.

As per the Vedic Panchang, Holi celebrations under lunar eclipse influence at Purnima Tithi begin from 09:54 a.m. on March 24 and last until 12:29 p.m. on March 25.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the lunar eclipse visible in India on Holi 2024?

No, this year’s lunar eclipse won’t be visible from India.

2. Is the lunar eclipse harmful to the eyes?

Seeing a lunar eclipse without assistance, either wearing binoculars or a telescope, is safe. 

3. Where will the lunar eclipse in 2024 be visible?

It will be visible from Europe, Africa, North and East Asia, North and South America, and more.


  • Though it’s fascinating for skywatchers to witness such events, it also sparks all sorts of myths and beliefs, especially in cultures like ours that are deeply rooted in ancient traditions and astrology.
  • The lunar eclipse on the same day as Holi 2024 offers a unique cosmic alignment of events.
  • This significant event serves as a reminder of the nature of life and the value of accepting change with resilience and grace as the moon changes during a lunar eclipse.

As the mother of a lovely son and a woman, I put my family’s safety and health first and take every precaution to avoid possible harm, even with events like lunar eclipses.

Have a safe and happy Holi!


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