5 Toys To Pick For Toddlers – Zero to Three

5 Toys To Pick For Toddlers

Covid-19 have been inseparable for all of our lives from the time it started and added several challenges to face for work and personal life balance. One major challenge that has come for all parents out there is How To Make This Work for Kids and Boredom

Surely, it isn’t easy especially for a certain age like 1-3 years old when indoor activities are more confined to exploring new things and learnings on the whole. When it comes to Ridhaan (my son) it was pretty sure to not spend a lot on one toy (since there are budgeted ones available) and offer him different learnings through different experiences.

 I personally believe that toys especially educative ones can do wonders in child IQ besides being a non-boredom source for them. There are too many toys available, and failing to make a wise choice on what to provide our children for their education will definitely have bad consequences for them. Because each child is unique, the list below has the most beneficial educational toys for your children.


  • OUTDOOR & INDOOR GAME- 6 wooden colourful pins & 1 ball bowling set for your child along with a small bag to store the pins in. These pins are easy to store in your own little bag. Carry them anywhere.
  • SKILLSET: It Builds fine and gross motor skills, spatial skills, first skills in children.
  • SUITABLE FOR AGES: 2 years+. Keeps your child engrossed for hours as they try to better themselves with each round!
  • The ball comes with easy-insert finger holes
  • Bowling Game This Set comes with;10 Bowling Pins & 2 Balls; Multicolor; Box Pack ( Good For Indoor Play ); Perfect Shape, Perfect Colors

Link to buy – https://amzn.to/3LDPQB3
Ideal Age –  3 – 12 years
Works at – Motor Skills



Watch your kid’s imagination soar as they mould, build and construct new THINGS

LEARNING TOOL – Building their own SHAPES will greatly boost your kiddos imagination and creativity! It also helps them to develop fine motor skills and enhance hand-eye coordination. Kids will grasp, pinch, knead and mould the CLAY and shape in different ways.

Fun dough gift set, a real treat to inquisitive minds and restless hands

It includes 5 and 2 Oz Tubs, 12 stars, circle, triangle, flower, aeroplane, house, guitar, kettle, lion, monkey, teddy, penguin shape cutters, 1 lemon extruder, 1 extruder strip, 1 crinkler and 1 doh knife.

LINK TO BUY: https://rb.gy/
Ideal Age – 3 years
Work At – Brain Storming and  creativity



Sturdy and easy to build these magnetic building blocks are tactile and sturdy magna tiles are sized just right and easy to use, whether creating designs on a flat surface or building in 3d use them for guided activities or hours of open-ended fun and exploration

  • Lots of fun  kids just love this magnetic construction set  hours of individual or family fun hands-on play to build anything you can imagine
  • Lots of learning  creative thinking, problem-solving, pattern recognition, fine motor skills, social skills, instils confidence and stem learning best learning and educational toy
  • Stimulates creativity and imagination   Flying Start Magna tiles to foster creativity and imagination by giving kids constructive ways to express themselves encourage creative thinking and help them learn how to solve complex problems as they play learning to approach problems creatively is a skill that kids can use throughout their lives
  • Allows visualising three-dimensional creations.
    BUY LINK https://rb.gy/hbibru
    Ideal Age
    minimum recommended age 3 years
    Work at – Brain Storming


  • MAKE AND DURABILITY – FunBlast little engineer playset toy is crafted from premium quality plastic material, truck playset for kids is durable enough to withstand heavy use without breaking or chipping. This toy is made of unique non-toxic material and does not contain any sharp edges or corners, which is safe for kids.
  • EASY TO USE – These cars are very realistic, with realistic features that will certainly keep toddlers/kids entertained. Pull back and go friction powered no battery needed to pull-push forward/backwards. These effects keep children involved in playing with the toy for hours.
  • ADVANCE DESIGNED – The finishing of this playset toy looks like a real construction site working set. The attractive make and function of this FunBlast playset can engage your child in playing and having fun in leisure. Bright colours can help children’s colour discrimination and remembering colours.
  • BEST VEHICLE PLAYSET TOY – Playing with these kinds of toys will provide your child with hours of imaginative play. It helps promote hand-eye coordination, sensory reception and motor skills in children.
    LINK TO BUY: https://rb.gy/n8zklg
    Ideal Age for 2- 3 years.
    Works at – cognitive skills and motor skills

5) Alphabet set

  • This colourful set of 26 wooden blocks, featuring alphabets, numbers, shapes, puzzles &pictures
  • It’s perfectly sized for little hands for hours of endless play
  • It’s a classic gift for kids 3years & above
  • Parents can rest assured that the material is totally safe and non-toxic. 
  • Easily recognizable, Sturdy, No sharp edges, so that no child is hurt and magnetized. An ideal gift from a mother to her child any day.
  • No sharp edges on this item. The alphabets and numbers are fashioned with rounded edges to provide an injury-free and safe playtime for your children.
  • Easily recognizable and sturdy

Link to buy- https://amzn.to/36kyt8r
Ideal Age‎12 months and up
Works at – cognitive skills

Toys play a crucial role in building a child motor, sensory motors. Toys help them to learn while playing and eliminate boredom in kids. Toys can help them to visualize many things practical which are not possible by books. Practical learning can help kids to develop and learn many things without even touching books at the initial stage.


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