Former Google HR Offers Tips to Job-Seekers, Advising to Not Include Three Phrases in Resumes


Nolan Church, former recruiter of Google and DoorDash and the current CEO of salary data company FairComp, recommends that job seekers avoid these three types of phrases to get a better chance at being hired.

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For more than a year, the IT industry has been experiencing significant swings, resulting in massive job losses for millions around the world. Multiple roles were slashed unexpectedly at industry giants such as Amazon, Google, Meta, and X, as well as smaller tech firms, catching people by surprise with termination notifications. As a result, a slew of tech experts found themselves on the job market, looking for new opportunities amid increased competition. Standing out became a difficult challenge, requiring extra work to ensure that one’s résumé received attention. However, achieving this achievement proved to be more difficult than anticipated, wouldn’t you agree?

Nolan Church, once a recruiter at Google, imparted valuable advice to job seekers during an interview with CNBC Make It. He emphasized the importance of avoiding three specific types of phrases to improve one’s chances of securing employment.

First, Church advised keeping sentences short and clear, preferably not more than 25 words. He also stated that it might be “shorter than that because the goal of a resume is for recruiters to very quickly understand what the candidate has done.”

He then emphasized the necessity of resume conciseness, pointing out that recruiters normally spend only a few seconds evaluating each one.

By keeping sentences concise, applicants can swiftly explain their qualifications and accomplishments, allowing recruiters to immediately assess their ability.

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Second, Church advised avoiding creating a “word salad” of keywords. Many applicants try to fit many buzzwords from the job description into a single statement, which can be overwhelming and unhelpful. “You’re not allowed to use more than one keyword in a sentence,” he quoted.

Instead, Church proposed a more strategic strategy. He suggested reducing the number of keywords to one per phrase, allowing applicants to concentrate on certain abilities or experiences in a clear and organized manner.

Finally, Church prohibited job hopefuls from just mentioning their everyday responsibilities on their resumes.

According to him, banal chores such as scheduling meetings or emailing colleagues did not indicate the applicant’s impact on the company. Instead, Church encourages applicants to showcase their achievements and efforts.

He urged focusing on actual results, such as recruiting new clients or exceeding sales targets, and using numerical data to back up these accomplishments.


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