CBSE vs ICSE vs IGCSE. Know the Best Board to Choose for Your Child.


As a child grows, every parent goes brick by brick to understand which type of board is better for a brighter yet friendly future for the kid.

Me going through this phase currently took me to cover leaps and bounds to finally select one for my son. Undoubtedly, after asking my relatives, friends, researching online and peers I realised that each one of them has a different perception about it.

So, to clear your doubts and make it a cakewalk for you, embrace yourself with the best of information available that help you understand the difference between ICSE  CBSE and IGCSE.


CBSE Stands for Central Board Of Secondary Education

CBSE is a National Level board and it is most followed and accepted syllabus in India. They have Traditional approach with more focus on mainstream subjects. Uppermost importance is given to Academics. Students can choose their subjects from the available options. Their approx teacher to student ratio is 1:30.


  • Standardized syllabus through out India.
  • They are more project oriented.
  • Same curriculum across states.
  • Competitive exams based on CBSE for example National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) ,National Level Science Talent Search Exam (NLSTSE), Indian National Olympiad (INO).
  • Students are trained to walk on traditional path.


  • Not much emphasis on art and craft.
  • Less seats in state colleges.
  • Less focus on extracurricular.

ICSE Stands for Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education

It has a globally recognized syllabus that focuses on building strong basics and foundations of concepts. They are strictly affliated with english medium Schools. The curriculum lays emphasis on student and every course is well detailed. They have a balanced student to teacher ratio


  • Builds language skills and overall personality. 
  • They keep a balance between academics and extracurriculars.
  • Excellent board for students.
  • Equal weightage to every stream.
  • Emphasis on English and literarture.


  • Needs very skillful teachers to apply learning techniques.
  • Transition to other boards might be Time- Taking.

IGCSE Stands for International Certificate Of Secondary Education

IGCSE is administered  by Cambridge Universty. The cirriculum Encourages defined learning outcomes. This board is learner centred and inquiry based which encourages critical thinning and curiosity. Students have an ample choice when it comes choosing subjects. They strictly maintain 1:12 student to teacher ratio.


  • They have a broader spectrum of subjects.
  • They give more emphasis on collabrative learning techniques.
  • It is one of the most wanted syllabus in the World.
  • They maintain best student teacher ratio.


  • They have very rigorous examination styles.
  • Its very tough to score in this board.
  • Its very difficult to find tutors.
  • Its an expensive Board.

Differentiation Between These Three!


If you are a working parent or in a travelling work profile, you might think of a Day Boarding or full boarding choice for your kid with all the above boards offered at different schools as per convenience of one another.

So what all do you need to look in for a day boarding overall. Lets check:

Difference between Day Boarding Vs Full Boarding


The enigma of picking an education board can be readily addressed by looking at the distinctions between ICSE and CBSE boards, as indicated above. While ICSE can assist your child in developing his basic personality traits and honing his talents, CBSE can assist him in achieving his career objectives. When it comes to choosing a school, parents should look at the distinctions between the CBSE and ICSE education boards. These include schools that support online learning, reading, the performing arts, athletics, and a relevant curriculum to help your child achieve his or her learning goals. When picking an education board, parents should exercise caution and focus on the quality of education provided.

In the end, both boards have their advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to choosing the proper education board for your child, dissecting both boards based on their benefits and drawbacks can assist students and parents alike in making informed judgments.


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