500+ Stylish Baby Names 2023


Are you expecting a baby in 2023 and struggling to come up with the perfect name? I

I have compiled a list of over 400 top baby names for the year 2023.

From classic names to unique and modern choices, I have something for every parent-to-be.

Naming your child is a big decision, and I understand the pressure to find the perfect name that will be both trendy and timeless. So sit back, relax, and let me help you find the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

Sr No. Baby Boy Names Meanings
1 Aadi Important
2 Arth Meaningful, Meaning, The Eagle
3 Atharv Knowledge
4 Anant Infinite
5 Aarav Wisdom
6 Akanksh Desire
7 Aarnav Ocean, wave, stream, sea
8 Alex To protect
9 Aarush First sun ray
10 Aayush The one with long life
11 Abidhul Worshipper Of god
12 Abeer Fragrance
13 Abhimanyu Self-respect, Passionate, Heroic
14 Abhira Lovely, delightful
15 Aditya The sun
16 Advaith Unique, Another name for Lord Brahma and Vishnu
17 Advay The unique one
18 Advik Unique
19 Agastya Name of a sage
20 Akshay Fresh
21 Amol Priceless, precious, valuable
22 Anay The one who has no leader
23 Abodh Innocent
24 Amulya Priceless, of inestimable worth
25 Anirudh Unobstructed
26 Anmol Priceless, invaluable, precious
27 Ansh Portion
28 Arin Mountain strength
29 Arjun A Pandava prince
30 Aryan Of the Aryan race, ancient, warrior, speedy, another name for Indra, kind, benevolent
31 Atharv Lord Ganesh
32 Avi The sun and air
33 Ayaan Someone who is religiously inclined, Gift of God
34 Ayush Age, man, long lived, one with long life, duration of life
35 Ayushman Blessed with long life
36 Abhyas Study; Deepfull Thought; Zealous Endeavour
37 Azaan Call for the prayer
38 Azad Free, independent
39 Aarsh Pure, divine
40 Amish Honest, trustworthy
41 Batuk A boy
42 Bhavesh Lord of sentiments
43 Bhavik Devotee of God
44 Bhuv Heaven
45 Bhavin The existing one
46 Brijesh God of land of Brij, lord Krishna
47 Bachittar A person with wondrous merits
48 Bahadur The victory of the brave
49 Bakhshi Gift; present
50 Balendra Lord Krishna
51 Balhaar Surrounded by strength
52 Baljiwan Life with strength
53 Balvan Strong person
54 Balveer Immense strength or powerful
55 Banjeet Victory of the forest
56 Chaitanya Cognizance
57 Chakra Lord Vishnu
58 Chahel Good cheer
59 Chaitan Name of Kautilya, the great scholar
60 Chaidya Wise, Ruler, King of Chedi
61 Chaitya Place of worship, Of the mind, Spirit
62 Chaital Consciousness, New Year
63 Charna Feet
64 Chatresh Lord Shiva
65 Chatura Clever or smart
66 Daksh Capable, son of Lord Brahma, fire, gold, talented, excellent, vigorous talented
67 Darsh Sight, handsome, Lord Krishna; when the Moon just becomes visible
68 Dev God, king, light, heavenly, cloud
69 Devansh Eternal part of God, Demigod
70 Dhruv Pole star, immovable, eternal, firm, steady
71 Dakshesh Victory of the forest
72 Dalbir Propriety of a king
73 Darpan Mirror
74 Ekansh Whole
75 Ekalinga Lord Shiva
76 Ekapad Lord Shiva
77 Ekavir Bravest of the brave
78 Ekaraj Emperor
79 Ekbal Prosperity
80 Farhan Glad, Joyful, Happy
81 Falan Fruitful
82 Faqid One who Knows Law and Divinity
83 Faraj Cure, remedy; improvement
84 Faras Mount, a horse used for riding
85 Fitan Intelligence
86 Fariq Lieutenant general
87 Faris Knight
88 Fiyaz Artistic
89 Frado First
90 Gautam Lord Buddha, remover of darkness, full of life, one of the seven rishis, one who enlightens
91 Gagan Sky or Heaven
92 Gaurang Fair or Husband of Gauri (Parvati)
93 Gian Master of knowledge
94 Girik Lord Shiva, Heart of the gods
95 Girindra Lord of the mountains or Lord Shiva
96 Girish Lord of the Mountains
97 Gopal Cowherd
98 Gaurav Honour or pride or respect or prestige
99 Gunbir Virtuous and brave
100 Guneet Virtuous
101 Harsh Joy, excitement, happiness
102 Harshil Joyful, kings of the hills, kind-hearted, delighted
103 Hredhaan One with great heart
104 Hardik From the heart
105 Harish Lord Shiva or Lord Krishna
106 Hem Gold
107 Hritik From the heart
108 Hitesh One who thinks well of everyone
109 Hemang One with shining body
110 Isaac Protector, safeguard
111 Ishaan Lord Shiva, the Sun, Vishnu, Agni and Surya, ruler, generous, causing prosperity
112 Imaran Exalted nation
113 Indrajit Conqueror of Indra
114 Idhant Luminous
115 Ishank Peak of the Himalayas
116 Ikbal Fortunate; blessed; prosperity; wealthiness
117 Ishwar The lord; ruler
118 Jason He who cures
119 Jagdish Lord of the universe
120 Jagat World
121 Jash Fame
122 Jatin The auspicious one
123 Jaleah Delicate, weary
124 Jai Victorious
125 Jairaj Victorious ruler
126 Jeet Conquered
127 Kahaan Universe
128 Kevin Handsome
129 Kabil An able person
130 Kabir Indian saint in 1440, great, famous Sufi saint, noble
131 Kalpit Imagined, creative, appropriate, exact, invented
132 Karan Talented, intelligent, ear, document
133 Kiaan Grace of God, ancient or distant
134 Krish Short-form of Lord Krishna, compassionate, harvest
135 Krishna One of the most popular gods, the eighth and most important avatar or incarnation of Vishnu
136 Laksh Aim, target, goal, Destination
137 Lucky Fortunate
138 Lakshit Targets
139 Lohit Red or made of copper
140 Laban White
141 Manan Celebrate, persuade
142 Mohammed Arab prophet and founder of Islam
143 Mavish Blessing Of Life
144 Madhav Descendant of Madhu
145 Mahir Skilled or Expert
146 Mitesh One with few desires
147 Maanas Mind
148 Manbir Brave from heart
149 Maanav Youth
150 Milan kind, loving, and gracious.
151 Manthan Reflection through study
152 Naman Salutation
153 Naresh Lord of Man
154 Navin New
155 Nikesh Lord Vishnu
156 Nikunj Bird’s nest
157 Nilesh Lord Krishna
158 Nimish Transient
159 Nimit Destiny
160 Nachiket The spirit that gives the unquenchable thirst for the unknown, fire, that which is unperceived
161 Naksh Moon
162 Nakul Mongoose
163 Neel Blue
164 Nakul Most handsome in the lineage
165 Naveen Beautiful, pleasant, always new
166 Nihal Joyous, or successful
167 Nitesh Heartbeat of earth
168 Om A mystic syllable, considered the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism
169 Ojas Body strength
170 Omkaar Sound of the sacred syllable or religious word OM
171 Onkar The purest one
172 Onveer Brave
173 Orinder Pine Tree
174 Parth Son of “mother earth”
175 Pranav Praise, salutation
176 Praneel A name of Lord Shiva
177 Pranit Leader, pioneer, whom other follows
178 Pratyush Dawn, sun
179 Qabil Acceptor
180 Qadim Ancient
181 Qarin Constant companion
182 Qasim One who distributes
183 Rachit Prepared, written
184 Rajas King or Ruler
185 Raghav Descendant of Raghu
186 Ranbir The brave warrior
187 Raunak Shining
188 Ranveer Hero of the battle
189 Rayaan Fragrant herb, Atmosphere, galaxy, gates of Heaven
190 Rehaan Scented
191 Reyansh Ray of light
192 Ronit Embellishment, To be charming
193 Rishit The best
194 Rishi Sage
195 Rohan Ascending, blossom, another name for Vishnu, rising
196 Ronith Embellishment, charming
197 Rudra One of the names of Shiva, storm
198 Rushil Charming
199 Ryan Descendent of the king
200 Sai One who is divine; one who strives
201 Saksham Competent
202 Shamaksh In front, To be in front of something or someone.
203 Samar War, battle
204 Samarth Adequate
205 Sampuran Complete; Perfect
206 Samesh Lord of equality
207 Sadhil Perfect
208 Sanket Signal, Goal, Stipulation, Agreement, Indication, Sign, Signal.
209 Sarthak Significant; meaningful; one who is important.
210 Sathvik Calm, Virtuous
211 Shaurya Bravery
212 Shivansh A Portion of Lord Shiva
213 Siddharth One who has accomplished a goal
214 Shashank Moon
215 Sanskar Good ethics and moral values, Culture, Consecration, Purity, Purification
216 Sur Divine
217 Tejas Sharp, Lustre, Brilliance
218 Tanay Son
219 Taarush Conqueror
220 Tanish Ambition
221 Taksh Lord Ganesha
222 Tarak Star, protector
223 Teerth Holy place
224 Tanveer Brave and strong in body
225 Udant Correct message
226 Udarsh Brimming
227 Utkarsh Advancement
228 Umang Happiness or enthusiastic
229 Upkaar Favour
230 Vedant Vedic method of self-realisation, knower of the Vedas, theology
231 Veer Heroic, powerful
232 Vihaan Dawn, morning
233 Vidhan Rules & regulation
234 Viraj Resplendent
235 Vivaan Full of life
236 Wahab Servant of the all-giver
237 Wazir Minister
238 Warinder Lord of oceans
239 Warjas Ancestry
240 Wriddhish Lord Ganesh
241 Wridesh Blessed
242 Yash Glory, reputation
243 Yug Historic period, era
244 Yatin Devoted; ascetic
245 Yuvraj Prince or heir apparent
246 Yagnesh Sacrifice
247 Yatan Devotee
248 Zayan Beautifier
249 Zaid To prosper
250 Zayyan Beautifier
251 Zashil Enthusiastic
252 Zuber Pure
253 Zehaan Super Abundance
Sr No. Baby Girl Names Meanings
1 Aadhya First power
2 Anaisha Special
3 Anala Fire🔥
4 Adah Decorated
5 Aahana Inner light; the one who is immortal; first ray of the sun
6 Ananya Unique, as well as a reference to the goddess Parvati.
7 Asmee Self-confident
8 Aachal One who is steady
9 Allyana My lord has answered
10 Ati Extreme
11 Aarna Goddess Lakshmi; water, wave, stream
12 Advika World, earth, unique
13 Adweta Inspirational, idealistic
14 Adya First power; Goddess Durga; first; unequalled; perfect; the Earth
15 Amaira The one who will be beautiful forever
16 Amrita Immortality
17 Amruta The immortal one
18 Anika Goddess Durga; the brilliance of stone
19 Anvi Name of a Goddess
20 Anya Full of grace
21 Arunima Glow of dawn
22 Arya Noble Goddess
23 Ahana Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day, First rise of the Sun
24 Akshita Permanent, Can not be broken easily
25 Avni The Earth
26 Barkha Rain
27 Bhawna Goddess Parvati; purity; a gift from God
28 Baghyawati Lucky
29 Bhanumati Full of lustre; famous
30 Bhavani Goddess Parvati
31 Brinda Tulsi – holy basil
32 Bishakha A star
33 Bina Understanding
34 Bimaila Pure
35 Bhavini Emotional; a beautiful lady
36 Chaitali Month of chaitra, blessed with a good memory
37 Chaaya Life
38 Chaitaly Name of an ancient city
39 Chakrika Goddess Lakshmi
40 Chaman A garden
41 Chameli Creeper with fragrant flowers
42 Chanchal Active; Goddess Laxmi
43 Chandani Moon light; a river
44 Charita The one with a pleasant character
45 Chasmum Chase
46 Chavvi Reflection; image; radiance
47 Daksha The Earth
48 Dhriti Courage; morale; steadiness; command; pleasure; determination; patience; virtue
49 Divya Divine
50 Diya A lamp
51 Dalaja Produced from petals
52 Damini Lightening
53 Damyanti Soothing
54 Darika Maiden
55 Dasya A gift from God
56 Dayamai Kind; merciful
57 Dayita The beloved one
58 Deepa A lamp
59 Dipta Illuminated
60 Edhitha Increased
61 Eiravati Lightening
62 Ekaja The only child
63 Ekani One
64 Ekanta Solitude; peaceful
65 Ekta Unity
66 Eshana Wish, desire
67 Eta Luminous
68 Ekantika Single-focused
69 Ekiya Unity
70 Falguni Beautiful
71 Forum Fragrant
72 Falak A star
73 Gauri Fair, white
74 Geetika A little song
75 Ganga Holy river in India
76 Garima Strength; honour
77 Gaurangi The giver of happiness
78 Gayathri The mother of Vedas; Goddess Saraswati
79 Gaurika The pretty one
80 Gautami River Godavari
81 Hiral Lustrous
82 Harini Deer-like
83 Hemangini A girl with golden body
84 Hema Beautiful
85 Harinakshi Doe-eyed
86 Hridhya Heart
87 Harita Green-coloured; grass
88 Hemal Golden
89 Hemani Goddess Parvati
90 Hunar Art; skill; Competence
91 Ira The Earth
92 Irya The powerful one
93 Isha The protector
94 Ishani Lord; master, ruler
95 Ishanvi Goddess of knowledge
96 Ishana Rich
97 Ishita Desire or Greatness
98 Ishita Superior; wealthy
99 Idika The Earth
100 Ijaya Sacrifice
101 Ikshita The visible one
102 Indali The powerful one
103 Jagrati Awakening
104 Jagvi Worldly
105 Jalsa Celebration
106 Janaki Goddess Sita
107 Januja A daughter
108 Janya life
109 Jasmit The famous one
110 Jeevika Source of life
111 Jhalak Glimpse; spark
112 Kashvi Shining, bright
113 Kavya A poem
114 Kaia Stability or From the earth
115 Kashvi Shining
116 Kimaya Divine
117 Krisha Divine
118 Krishna Lord Krishna
119 Kamya Wish, desire
120 Kanak Gold; Sandalwood
121 Kanav Compassion and pity
122 Kashish Lord of Kashi; attraction, admiration; another name of Lord Shiva
123 Kusha Talented One
124 Larisa Cheerful
125 Lakshmi Goddess of wealth; Goddess Lakshmi; fortunate
126 Lipika A short letter
127 Lopa Wife of a sage
128 Lekha Writings
129 Leena Palm tree; young
130 Libni White, whiteness
131 Ladli The loved one
132 Lajita Modesty
133 Mirai Miracle
134 Mahika The Earth; dew, mist, Dewdrops
135 Maya Illusion or Magic
136 Manya Star of the sea
137 Megha Cloud
138 Meghana Cloud
139 Mekhala The one who knows self
140 Mugdha Tender
141 Mia Beauty.
142 Mitali A bond between friendship and love
143 Mukti Salvation, Freedom from life and death
144 Navya Young
145 Niharika Dew drops
146 Nisha Night
147 Nitara Having deep roots
148 Netra Vision
149 Nidra Goddess of sleep
150 Nidhi Treasure
151 Nikita Abode
152 Nimrat Carrier of God’s message
153 Nilima Blueness
154 Nirja The one born out of water
155 Omaja Born from spiritual unity
156 Omisha Goddess of birth and death
157 Oni Popular
158 Ojasvi Brave, fearless
159 Omya Knowledge
160 Osha Shining, bright
161 Odika Anklet
162 Oeshi Rose
163 Prisha God’s gift
164 Pahal Beginning
165 Panini The one with beautiful hands
166 Pallavi New leaves
167 Parul Graceful
168 Priya Dear one, beloved
169 Pushti The one who is well-nourished
170 Pavani Holy
171 Qushi Happy
172 Rachita Creation
173 Ridhi Good fortune, prosperity
174 Riya Goddess Lakshmi; a gem
175 Rachana Creation
176 Radha Goddess of Love
177 Radhika Goddess of compassion and love
178 Rajata Sovereignty
179 Rajeshri A queen
180 Raksha Protection
181 Rebecca Captivating
182 Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi; the one who will be followed
183 Sai Natural
184 Samayra Enchanting
185 Saumya Goddess Durga
186 Shravya Worthy of being heard
187 Sneha Love
188 Shanaya First ray of the sun
189 Shrishti Universe
190 Suhani Pleasant
191 Sudiksha Goddess Lakshmi
192 Shyla daughter of the mountain
193 Scarlett Bright red
194 Tanvi Slender, beautiful, delicate
195 Tanmayi Ecstasy
196 Tamanna Desire
197 Taara Star, another name of goddess Parvati
198 Tripti Satisfaction
199 Triveni Confluence of three sacred rivers
200 Triya Young woman
201 Turvi Superior
202 Ucchal Perception
203 Ubika Growth
204 Udyati Elevated
205 Unnati Progress
206 Unni An infant boy
207 Upadhriti A ray
208 Urishilla Excellent
209 Urmi A wave
210 Upma The best
211 Upasna Worship
212 Vyanjana Rhetorical
213 Vina A stringed instrument.
214 Vaishnavi Worshipper of Lord Vishnu
215 Vansha Bamboo; backbone
216 Vanya God is gracious
217 Vedhika Full of knowledge
218 Vinaya Modest
219 Vamakshi Beautiful-eyed
220 Vasana Goddess Durga
221 Vasatika Morning light
222 Vrishti Rain
223 Vasudha The Earth
224 Vritti Nature
225 Varenya The best one
226 Warhi Another name of Goddess Durga
227 Waida A promise
228 Warda Guardian
229 Wishi Wish
230 Watika A garden
231 Wakeeta A beautiful flower
232 Widisha Intermediate region; knowledge
233 Xiti Graceful
234 Xalak The one with a magnificent sight
235 Yachana Pleading
236 Yadavi Goddess Durga
237 Yahvi Heaven; the Earth
238 Yashawini Victorious
239 Yashica Success
240 Yashoda Mother of Lord Krishna
241 Yashodhara The one who has achieved fame
242 Yasti Slim
243 Yauvani Youthful
244 Yoshita A lady
245 Yochana God’s grace
246 Yutika A flower
247 Zarna A small stream of sweet water
248 Zansi The courageous one
249 Zaitra A precious gift
250 Zinal The one who is loving and beautiful
251 Zilmil Sparkling
252 Zahara Exquisite
253 Zeenat Decoration, Beauty

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