11 Awe-Inspiring Books To Read When You’re Pregnant


The weeks before you give birth are full of tension, and finding good books to read for baby brain development during pregnancy and baby’s well being can be exhausting. It’s an exciting but difficult time of what-ifs, worry, and planning. Millions of other parents-to-be have felt the same way you are, so you don’t need to worry. Some of them have even put those problems and delights into good books, including fantastic novels, for those of us who are self-help damaging.

When you are pregnant, you get a lot of free or unsolicited advice such as what is the right food for baby’s brain development in pregnancy and so on. You will get that advice from your family members, and even if you google something, chances are the information provided is not as per your preference most of the times. Books will tell you what to eat for baby’s brain development during pregnancy but not what to avoid. They will tell you why you should have a home birth, but not why you shouldn’t have a home birth. Hence it is very important to carefully choose the information you consume during pregnancy.

Studies show that women improvises  creativity levels after giving birth. Instead of picking a book that will lecture you on how to change diapers or get you to buy a $1,000 stroller, look for enlightening books that will help you manage and enhance your life, even when chaos reigns.

In every genre and style, there are a plethora of excellent novels written by mothers. Allow their intriguing stories to welcome you into the ranks of motherhood. Without further ado, the list of books to read during pregnancy.


1. The Seven Day Switch, by Kelly Harms

Rating – 4.3/5

Where to Buy: https://www.amazon.in/Seven-Day-Switch-Novel/dp/1542027098

In this amusing book on parenthood, two very different moms trade places, Freaky Friday style, to help you determine what type of mom you do (or don’t!) want to be.


2. Motherhood So White, by Nefertiti Austin

Rating 4.7/5

Where to Buy: https://www.amazon.in/Motherhood-So-White-Parenting-America/dp/1492679011

This unflinchingly honest book on black parenting examines the disparities between black and white households.


3. Dear Mother, by Bunmi Laditan

Rating – 4.8/5

Where to Buy: https://www.amazon.in/Dear-Mother-Poems-Mess-Motherhood/dp/0778308464

You would expect more sarcasm than tenderness if you’re a fan of Laditan’s humorous Honest Toddler postings. This poetry collection on parenting, on the other hand, is full of wit, tenderness, and seriousness.


4. Ask Me What’s For Dinner One More Time, by Meredith Masony

Rating – 4.8/5

Where to Buy: https://www.amazon.in/Whats-Dinner-More-Time-Inappropriate-ebook/dp/B084G9LR72

That’s Inappropriate blogger recounts the good, the terrible, and the ugly of parenting in this feisty (and humorous) essay collection. It’s the ideal light pregnancy read since it’s a hilarious novel about parenthood.


5. The Perfect Mother, by Aimee Molloy

Rating – 3.9/5

Where to Buy: https://www.amazon.in/Perfect-Mother-Novel-Aimee-Molloy-ebook/dp/B0727TNBG9

This (thankfully) fictional parenting novel examines what happens when a child goes missing and the secrets of the mother’s circle of friends are revealed. (However, if you’re a worrier, skip this!)


6. Mom & Me & Mom, by Maya Angelou

Rating – 4.7/5

Where to Buy: https://www.amazon.in/Mom-Me-Maya-Angelou/dp/1400066115

Try this memoir by Maya Angelou if you’re seeking for uplifting novels on black parenting. It discusses her tumultuous relationship with her mother—and how she was able to restore it after her mother abandoned her when she was three years old.


7. Eleven Hours, by Pamela Erens

Rating – 3.9/5

Where to Buy: https://www.amazon.in/Eleven-Hours-Pamela-Erens/dp/1941040292

Pamela Erens’s Eleven Hours describes childbirth like no other novel. The plot kicks off when Lore checks herself into the hospital alone. Despite the fact that she had no spouse or acquaintances, she had meticulously prepared every detail of her delivery. She doesn’t want any interference or supervision, but will she get her wish? The plot revolves around her memories and her hesitant bond with Franckline, a maternity ward nurse. Lore’s past and present merge as she gives birth to her kid.


8. Maid, by Stephanie Land

Rating – 4.4/5

Where to Buy: https://www.amazon.in/Maid-Hard-Work-Mothers-Survive/dp/0316505110

Stephanie Land’s debut novel, Maid, explores her struggle as a single mother in the Pacific Northwest to provide for her daughter. Land’s kid takes her first steps at the homeless shelter where they dwell at the start of the novel. Land’s desire is palpable: she wants her kid to have a better life than this. She scrapes her way into her own apartment, working as a house cleaner to supplement her income. Land hopes of something greater, despite the fact that she returns home aching every day and the money is barely enough to purchase clothes and food for her growing kid.


9. Overwhelmed, by Brigid Schulte

Rating – 4.3/5

Where to Buy: https://www.amazon.in/Overwhelmed-Work-Love-Play-When/dp/140886830X/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

You’ve undoubtedly heard that when you welcome your bundle of joy (and noise) into the world, you won’t be sleeping much. Parenthood may be difficult and tiring, but you don’t have to feel like you’ve lost yourself in the process of raising a child. Brigid Schulte, a journalist, explains how our always-on society may get the best of us and what you can do to reclaim some personal time.


10. The Baby Plan, by Kate Rorick

Rating – 4.7/5

Where to Buy: https://www.amazon.in/Baby-Plan-Kate-Rorick/dp/0062684418

Look no farther than Kate Rorick’s The Baby Plan if you’re searching for a lighthearted novel that mocks the ludicrous world of current mommy-to-be society. You may chuckle at all the attention-seeking, thousand-dollar stroller purchases, and over-the-top gender reveal party preparation that has somehow become part of your new life with the main characters—Nathalie, Lyndi, and Sophie.


11. What I Told My Daughter, by Nina Tassler

Rating – 4.3/5

Where to Buy: https://www.amazon.in/What-Told-Daughter-Generation-Empowered/dp/1476734682

Pick up a copy of What I Told My Daughter, an anthology of essays edited by Nina Tassler, if you’re looking for advice. Each article is written by a powerful, well-known woman, such as Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sharon Osborne, Whoopi Goldberg, and Gloria Estefan, among others. They share their expertise and reflect on the important lessons that their girls have learned.


Pregnancy is a difficult time for a woman. It can be straining not just physically but mentally as well. Scientific studies show that the emotions felt by a woman during pregnancy have a direct impact on the baby. So feeling good and happy emotions is important, during pregnancy, for baby’s brain development.

These books can be your best companion during your toughest time of pregnancy and motherhood. It will get you through phases like loving the new you, enjoy even at the hardest of time, cherish every moment after sleepless nights, and embrace this beautiful time which is not going to stay for life!


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