31 Valentine’s Day Wishes for Mothers

31 Valentine’s Day Wishes for Mothers

With all our hearts, a very happy Valentine’s Day to all the mothers out there! Thank you for being the backbone of our families, always putting others first and sacrificing so much for us. You truly are one in a million and we are so grateful to have you in our lives. We hope you enjoy your special day with your loved ones and appreciate everything they do for you!

Top Valentine’s Day Wishes for Mom

If you are planning to surprise your mother this Valentine’s Day and have not yet found the right words, here are some lovely options to express your love to her.

1. Mom, you are the most special person to me every day of the year. Today I just want to tell you how much that means to me.

2. Just because we’re not in the same city doesn’t mean I can’t spend Valentine’s with you. After all, you’re in my heart.

3. Your love has given me the strength to overcome every obstacle and climb the mountain of life. Without your support, I would not be capable of achieving it.

4. Mom, You made me through every thick and thin of life. I love you more than you could ever imagine and thank you for being my best friend.

5. You might not realise it, but you’re the reason I’m the woman I am today.

6. Mom, this Valentine’s Day, I want to tell you that I’m going to take good care of myself and make you proud.

7. Dear mother, I want to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day because, without you, I would not have been the human I am today.

8. Wishing a Happy Valentine’s to my first love. Mommy, I love you more than any words of the world can express.

9. God bless us with mothers so that they might effortlessly love all across the world. To the most beautiful women in the world, have a happy Valentine’s Day.

10. Happy Valentine’s day to the most adorable person in my life. I can’t live without you. I admire you to show me what it means to have the best mother in the world.


11. Happy Valentine’s Day, mom! I wish you countless happiness on this special day! Take all the love in the world!

12. Mom, may you be showered with a lifetime of joy and wonderful memories! Your child will always offer you the greatest wishes and unconditional love.

13. You will always be the synonym for love and safety in our life mama. Happy Valentine’s Day from your kids.

14. I’m a strong lady because a strong lady like you raised me. Thank you and happy valentine’s day. Lots of love to you!

15. Because you were the family’s most stable member, my life has genuinely been the easiest. I really feel proud to say that I am your son. Happy Valentine’s day mom.

16. No words can adequately express how fortunate I am to have you as my mother. I really value you for being there for me always. Happy Valentine’s day mommy.

17. Mom, happy Valentine’s day. You are my universe, the moon, and every other star I have.

18. I’m a better person today because of your sweet, nurturing affection. You are the one behind my courage, which helped me reach these great heights. A very, very, very happy Valentine’s Day to you.

19. I can not thank God in words that He sent me to you, He blessed me with a mother like you. Thank you for everything. Happy Valentine’s day mom.

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20. I will always be grateful for your unwavering support and affection. You are the greatest gift I have ever received, one I can boast about to others. Happy Valentine’s day mother.

21. Words can never explain the efforts you gave during my childhood. I promise to make you proud mom, Happy Valentine’s day my dear mom.

Valentine’s Messages from Daughter


22. Being your daughter and witnessing how a strong lady progresses and conquers the world is a privilege. Happy Valentine’s Day mom. Take love from your daughter.

23. Happy Valentine’s Day, mom! Some day, when I grow up to be a strong woman like you, I will credit you with all my achievements! Love you, mom!

24. You let me know what love is, what should I expect from a man and how valuable I am. Thank you maa. Have a great valentine’s day.

25. Happy Valentine’s day, mom. Let’s celebrate our mother-daughter relationship on this day.

26. You are my woman crush mom. I always wish to be a grown-up version of you. Happy Valentine’s Day love.

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Valentine’s Messages from Daughter


27. Dear mommy your son might love someone but you will always rule my heart. Have my love this Valentine’s Day mom.

28. Happy Valentine’s mummy. Will you be my valentine, the first lady of my life? You are and will be my love at first sight always.

29. Valentine’s Day is not only for girlfriends. It is for you, my dear mum. I cherish you mother. I appreciate you being there for me when I was afraid to step out from the shadows of life. I love you maa. Happy Valentine’s Day.

30. I have seen royalty in you. You are the queen and the one-of-a-kind in the world. Have a wonderful valentine’s day with your peasant’s mom.

31. Sometimes I wonder if ants are biting you because you are the sweetest mom. Happy Valentine’s day to you.

On this Valentine’s Day, I’m sending love to all the amazing mothers out there.

We are grateful to the wonderful mothers who implant us with the value of love and who give us a sense of unwavering love.

Lovelies, Happy Valentine’s Day from my side too..!


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This blog is a beautiful tribute to all the amazing mothers out there who deserve to be celebrated on Valentine’s Day. These heartfelt wishes are a perfect way to express love and gratitude towards the most special woman in our lives. A great resource for anyone looking for inspiration to make their mom feel special on Valentine’s Day.

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