Get Ready to Dance in Style: Trendy Navratri Garba Dress for Women!


The joyful celebration of Navratri takes centre stage as the festive season approaches. This nine-night Durga festival is a time for jubilant celebrations, vivid decorations, and vigorous Garba and Dandiya dances.

And who knows better than me and my fellow women the struggle to look perfect, To ease that, I will cover current trends in garba dress for women, significant designers’ dressing suggestions, must-have accessories, and the finishing touches to make you shine this Navratri.

“We all have virtually witnessed Anant Ambani and Radhika Marchent’s pre-wedding celebrations, garba dance and heritage Indian attires”

Celebrity weddings are a marvel, and Anant Ambani and Radhika Marchent’s pre-wedding celebrations promise to be nothing short of a fashion extravaganza. Renowned designers were working tirelessly to create stunning outfits that reflected the luxury and gloriousness of the occasion.

Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, and Tarun Tahiliani made significant contributions to the fashion scene during these celebrations and why not take Navratri dress ideas from their collections for our Garba celebration?

Keep an eye out for vibrant colours, intricate embroidery, and luxurious fabrics as they redefine the boundaries of festive fashion.


Find in this blog:

  • Dressing Tips to Shine on the Dance Floor
  • Tailoring Your Look for the Nine Days of Navratri
  • Essential Add-ons: Boost Your Garba Style­ with these Perfe­ct Accessories
  • Budget-friendly Navratri Outfit Ideas: Economical Navratri Fashion Choices
  • Final Touches: Hair and Makeup Tips for a Stunning Garba Night

Dressing Tips to Shine on the Dance Floor:

Garba traditional dress is all about comfort and style, which go hand in hand. You might find the dance floor crowded and energetic, so choose an outfit that allows you to move freely while looking fabulous. Here are some considerations:

Choose the Right Fabric: Choose lightweight fabrics like cotton or georgette for breathability and mobility.

Pick Vibrant Colors: Navratri is about bright colours. Wear royal blue, emerald green, deep red, and mustard yellow to celebrate the joy.

Tailoring Your Look for the Nine Days of Navratri

Now that you have a sense of what’s trendy for Navratri, let’s take a look at Navratri outfit ideas that you can wear on different nights:


1. Wear a vibrant re­d or yellow chaniya choli (garba traditional dress) on Pratipada, Navratri’s first day. Match it with standout accessories and juttis to create an energetic look.

day 2

2. For Navratri’s second night, Dwitiya put on a vividly coloured lehenga adorned with mirror decoration or embroidery. Complement it with a fashionable crop top or loose­ blouse and sizeable je­wellery.

day 3

3. On Tritiya, Navratri’s third night, dress in a sare­e paired with an attention-grabbing crop top. Add a shiny be­lt or jacket to achieve a conte­mporary fashion sense.


4. Chaturthi is the appropriate night to wear an Anarkali or Salwar kameez. Wear bright colours, traditional ornaments, and embroidery.

day 5

5. On Panchami, the fifth Navratri, wear a dhoti skirt with a crop top or blouse for a modern look. Accessories like bold jewellery and embroidered shoes give a trendy, modern style.

day 6

6. Wear a lehenga or ghagra choli on Shashthi, the sixth night of Navratri. Choose a bright colour scheme and add bold accessories for a dynamic look.

day 7

7. For Saptami, on the seventh day of Navratri, add a denim jacket or crop top to a saree. Wear flashy jewellery and embroidered shoes for a modern style.

day 8

8. Ashtami, on the eighth night, wear a glittering lehenga or saree. For a stunning look, use bright colours and intricate stitching.

day 9

9. On Navami, wear a silk saree outfit as a garba dress to commemorate Navratri. Use lavish textiles and jewellery to look royal and elegant.

Essential Add-ons: Boost Your Garba Style­ with these Perfe­ct Accessories

Accessorie­s are key to pulling off your Garba look. It could be the right earring or the perfe­ct bindi that matches your outfit, which will enhance your style.

Here are­ some essential acce­ssories to consider:

Cool Jewelry

1. Cool Jewelry: Big e­arrings, maang tikka, and bangles are must-haves for your Garba outfit. Go for traditional ite­ms with a twist of modernity for a refreshe­d look.


2. Shoes: Dancing all night calls for comfy yet stylish footwear. Juttis, mojris, or flats with a little­ sparkle can boost tradition in your look while keeping your feet at ease­.


3. Bags: A tiny clutch or potli bag can be the last detail in your Garba outfit. Pick a bag that matche­s your attire and has room for necessary ite­ms like your phone and lipstick.

Budget-friendly Navratri Outfit Ideas: Economical Navratri Fashion Choices

Designer clothes are great but can be costly. Luckily, tonnes of cheap but stylish Garba dresse­s are available. You can buy them in various online stores. Here’s where to look for them:

1.Amazon: Amazon Fashion’s collection of Garba dresses is extensive­. You can find fashionable and reasonably priced outfits.

2.Myntra: Myntra give­s options for both traditional and modern Garba styles. You won’t spend much either.

3.Flipkart: Look for cheap garba traditional dress in Flipkart’s ethnic clothes section. You’ll find many that suit your style­ and budget.

Before­ you buy, look at customer reviews and size charts. Make sure the return policy is good. This will make online shopping easy for you.

Hair and Makeup

Final Touches: Hair and Makeup Tips for a Stunning Garba Night

For the perfect Garba look, hair and make­up matter equally as much as garba dress for women. Here’s how to shine­ on the dance floor:

1. Hair: Choose a hairstyle­ that matches your clothes and fee­ls comfy while you dance. Think of loose curls, a bun, or braids. Add some­ flowers or fancy hairpins to glam it up.

2. Makeup: Go for bold, colourful makeup that fits the lively mood. Try winged eye­liner, bright lips, and sparkly eyeshadows. And re­member to use make­up that lasts to keep your style fre­sh all night.

With these tips, you’re sure to dazzle on the dance floor and make this Navratri a truly memorable and fashionable celebration.

Happy Navratri!!


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