Top Ideas to Celebrate a Green Valentine’s Day


As Valentine’s Day approaches, let’s not only celebrate love but also express our affection for the environment. This February 14th, take an adventure towards making sustainable decisions whereby you can save more while at the same time giving back something that will make the county a green and healthy abode.

Somerset Council leads the way in ecological celebrations, requesting everyone to avoid single-use products and overdone packing. The purpose is to encourage a more environmentally friendly way of celebrating Valentine’s Day, loving your sweetheart and Earth.

Here are some tips to ensure your Valentine’s Day is not just romantic but also environmentally responsible:

  1. Eco-Friendly Greeting Cards:
    Look for cards that are Forest Council-certified or made of recycled materials. Better still, tap your creativity to make a card right at home. Make sure cards are properly disposed of through the curbside cardboard collection service.
  2. Recycle Empty Bottles:
    When you are raising a bottle to love, ensure that the glass container is recycled. Pop the empty bottles in the green box for recycling as your contribution, ensuring that some good is being done regarding sustainability, even at the county level.
  3. Bypass Over-Packaged Gifts:
    Say no to packages packaged in several layers of plastic or suffocating covers. Select retailers who place content above the overproduction of packaging. This not only saves you money, but it also conforms to the promise of waste minimization.
  4. Gift thoughtfully:
    Think about offering a recycled or handmade gift or membership for the whole group of people. One can share many moments with your darling couples, such as spa days and cooking courses. Preferring lessons over purchasing material possessions preserves memories and reduces the ecological footprint.
  5. Plant a Rose Bush:
    Rather than a bouquet that passes in time, give roses that are to be planted—an expression of enduring affection. If you do choose to go the traditional route with a bouquet, ensure proper disposal through composting.
  6. Cook a Low-Waste Meal:
    Why not make a wonderful meal of what is already in your kitchen cupboards? To get inspired, head to, where you will see several low-waste recipes and tips for creating a great feast without suffering from unnecessary food waste.

Dixie Darch, a councillor who also serves as the Executive Lead Member for Climate and Environment at Somerset Council, says:

“Planning ahead can help to reduce costs and protect the environment. When celebrating, we want to encourage everyone to think green.

“Choosing to avoid packaging can be a great way to reduce waste, showing your love for Somerset and your valentine.”


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