11 Best Web Series to Binge Watch on Holi 2023


I just can’t get enough of binge watching. Every time I am away, Netflix has a way to catch all the attention with a coming soon push notification. Well, that really helps in keeping my curiosity alive for movies or whatever comes with binge watching! But this could be different for you guys, knowing that time is of the essence and finding the most fitting web series is a real job. 

This Holi, you can save yourself any botheration by finding which web series are good for you and which are not. So, there you go! A complete compilation of the top 10 web series that have some of the most encouraging and motivating stories, characters, and much more to share.

1. Wednesday


This Coming of age story is a Fictional Fantasy released on 23 November 2022 on Netflix. While going to Nevermore Academy, Wednesday Addams endeavours to dominate her arising psychic capacity, defeat a killing binge and tackle the secret that involved her parents 25 years ago.

Mostly viewers found it a smaller version of Harry Potter Stories. It has a rating of 9.1 on IMDB.

2. Aspirants


This is an Indian Web Series produced by The Viral Fever. The protagonist Abhilash and his three friends are aspiring UPSC Candidates and it is their story of struggle against all mental and emotional dilemmas. The Web Series has 5 episodes of average 40 minutes.  

3. Manifest


After being presumed dead, the mysterious Montego Flight 828 returns with 191 passengers that went missing for five and a half years. People on board were not aged even a single day and they face strange realities while returning to a world that has already moved on.

The Web series has 4 season and 52 episodes with IMDB rating of 7.1

4. Kota Factory


Kota Factory is a 2019 drama Series starring Jitender Kumar (Jeetu Bhia) and produced by The Viral Fever.  It is an inspiring story of young students preparing for their IIT-JEE Exam in Kota city of Rajasthan that is also known as the Education Hub of India.

It has two seasons and 10 episodes (5 in each). Kota Factory is available for free on YouTube, and its new season is expected to release on Netflix in September 2023.

5. Emily in Paris


Emily in Paris is an American light-hearted comedy web series made by Darren Star. Set in Paris, the series stars Lily Collins as hopeful promoting leader Emily Cooper, an American who moves to France to give an American perspective to a French showcasing firm. You will love the show if you are fond of Fashion, Travel or Social Media.

Available to watch on Netflix, its Season 4 (latest) was just released in Dec last month.

6. Mirzapur


Starring Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Devyenndu and other popular artists, this web series is known for some of its most unique characters like Guddu Pandit , Munna Bhia and bablu Pandit. This Indian Drama thriller has been a hotspot for a lot of memes, funny videaos and action quotes.

It was released in 2018 on Amazon Prime and has 2 seasons and 19 episodes.

7. Stranger Things


This web series is a mixture of investigative drama portrayed with horror and childlike sensitivity.

Set during the 1980s, the series bases on the inhabitants of the imaginary modest community of Hawkins, Indiana, as they are tormented by an unfriendly substitute aspect known as the “Topsy turvy”,

This amazing piece of mystery fiction can be watched on Netflix and has 5 seasons with 8.7 IMDB rating.

8. Gullak


It is a Comedy Web Series created by Shreyash Pandey under the banner of The Viral Fever. The trailer says that it is not a story but anecdotes from the daily life of a Middle Class family that eventually become memories and get deposited in a Gullak.

You can comfortably watch and enjoy this light humour drama with your family too.

9. Money Heist


The Spanish Crime Thriller created by Alex Pina is a story of two long prepared heists led by the protagonist Professor. The most peculiar group of robbers try to attempt the biggest and most perfect robbery in the history of Spain

This series has 3 seasons (5 parts) and 41 episodes.

10. Mom & co


Mom & Co. is a delicate tale about a mother and child who start a tiffin business together. The business carries them closer however accompanies clashes that test their relationship. Neliima Azeem played the character of Mother Suhasini Joshi and steals the show.

The light entertainment series can be watched with family on Zee5.

11. Panchayat


Panchayat is an Amazon Original series created by The Viral Fever that involves a city-raised Engineering Graduate who ends up having a job of Panchayat secretary in a remote village of Uttar Pradesh.

While he struggles fitting in the village lifestyle, he takes interest in village politics along with preparing for his MBA entrance exam.  The series has 2 seasons and has 16 episodes.

So, this was our list of top 11 web series to watch in 2023. What do you think about them? Let us know in the comment section below.


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