13 Best Places To Visit In Chandigarh in 2024


Summers are around, and short trips are always a quest to get a break from the obvious routines. If you are someone who is trying to connect to the north side of Indian beauty and culture, then nothing is better than a one-day trip to Chandigarh.

So, are you ready for an exciting journey to the best places to visit in Chandigarh? You will be amazed to see the uniqueness and how the places contribute singularly to the City’s beauty.

1. Rock Garden

(Pic Credit – Holidify)

So, Rock Garden had been made entirely of recycled materials. Have you heard of anything like that? A fanciful wonderland crafted with one of the most imaginative minds – Shri Nek Chand, is one of the best places to visit in Chandigarh.

Imagine yourself wandering through a maze of sculptures and pathways, each nook and corner revealing a new surprise. It’s like stepping into a fantasy world right in the heart of the city!

2. Sukhna Lake

(Pic Credit – Holidify)

It has been a perfect view for me and my friends for a day trip we usually plan to have a quality time. Paddle-boating is a good start for anyone who is visiting this place to add some fun to the serenity it offers. Trust me, watching the sunset from here is a once-in-a-lifetime experience when you are on your spree of visiting Chandigarh famous places.

3. Rose Garden

(Pic Credit – wikipedia)

Calling all flower lovers! Go restful with the colours this place offers. Rose Garden is next to your cozy spot inside, with over 1600 varieties of roses in full bloom. Take a delighted walk amidst the aromatic blossoms, letting their beauty uplift your spirits. Pro tip: Make sure you take some selfies, making it a great memory for life.

4. Elante Mall

It’s time for some retail therapy. If this is your first tap to fun, Elante Mall is your one-stop destination for amazing things to do in Chandigarh. From high-end fashion buys to mouthwatering eateries, there’s something here for everyone. So go ahead, shop till you drop and indulge in some delicious treats along the way!

5. Sector 17 Plaza

(Pic Credit – Hindustan Times)

Looking for some local flavour among Chandigarh famous places? Sector 17 Plaza is where it’s at! Explore the lively streets lined with stores and restaurants, each offering a different taste of the city. From street food to souvenirs, you will find everything you need here.

6. Chhatbir Zoo

Ready for a wild adventure? Chhatbir Zoo is home to a diverse array of exotic animals worldwide and is a top pick among Chandigarh tourist places. From majestic lions to playful primates, there’s never a dull moment here. So grab your camera and get ready to capture some amazing memories!

7. Pinjore Gardens

(Pic Credit – TOI)

Step back in time at Pinjore Gardens, where Mughal-inspired architecture meets lush greenery. Explore the sprawling lawns and intricate fountains, each more beautiful than the last as one of the best picnic spots. It’s the perfect spot for a leisurely day out with family and friends!

8. Nek Chand’s Garden of Silence

In need of some peace? Find your spot in Nek Chand’s Garden of Silence. Lose yourself in the tranquillity of this hidden oasis, as you explore the serene sculptures and pathways. It’s the perfect escape from the hustle of routine life and do Chandigarh sightseeing to make your break into real bliss.

9. Timber Trail (Parwanoo)

(Pic Credit – TOI)

It’s time to get your adrenaline pumping at Timber Trail! Take a cable car route high above the treetops while you enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. This site has something for everyone, whether you love nature or are looking for a thrill!

10. Morni Hills

Escape to the serene beauty of Morni Hills, where lush landscapes and clear skies greet you. Take a trek through winding trails, the pure mountain air energizing your senses with each step. It’s an ideal destination for both nature lovers and action seekers when looking for places near Chandigarh.

11. Kasauli

Get ready to step back in time at Kasauli while searching for places near Chandigarh. Among one of the hill stations near Chandigarh within 50 km, this alluring spot is nestled amidst the Himalayas as an ideal go-to place. Quaint streets lined with colonial-era buildings have their telltale that take you on a relaxation spree. Mall Road, Anglican Church, bird watching are some of the attractions when you reach Kasauli while searching Chandigarh near places.

12. Mansa Devi Temple (Panchkula)

(Pic Credit – Hindustan Times)

This city has a lot of beauty around but if you are seeking blessings? Look no further than Mansa Devi Temple, where faith and devotion converge in a serene setting. Set against the backdrop of the Shivalik Hills, this sacred shrine is a must-visit for spiritual seekers. So take a moment to pay your respects and soak up the peaceful ambience in this one of the most visited temples in the city!

13. Tirthan Valley

(Pic Credit – TOI)

Named after the Himalayan river Tirthan, the valley is probably one of the best tourist places near Chandigarh within 100 kms. It is the gateway to ancient temples and architecture dating to the 17th century, rivers, and waterfalls that you can explore. You can also see nearby Jalori Pass, Serolsar Lake, and Chhoie & Gaidhar waterfalls that draw adventure enthusiasts and those looking for a respite from daily routine life.

While you look for adventure parks, try activities like Flying Fox, rock climbing, fishing, bird watching during your stay in the valley.

Estimated Cost for Two (for minimum 2 nights): Approximately ₹5000

Places you saw just now are among the 10 best places to visit in Chandigarh. But if your search, for places to visit near me while you are already in City Beautiful calls for spending 2 or more days around the scenic beauty the place offers then explore these places for one day trip near Chandigarh and make the memories of a lifetime.

  • Solan
  • Chail
  • Mashobra
  • Nahan
  • Theog
  • Shoghi
  • Narkanda
  • Shimla

All of these are the best places to visit in Himachal near Chandigarh. Not stopping there yet? How about places with those luscious green mountains and adventure sports you always wanted to explore? And for a high degree of weather in summer, a cool breeze and some fun are all that you need with your partner to dive deep in with your soul for day trips and stayovers such as:

  • Barog
  • Dharmshala
  • Rishikesh
  • Manali
  • Tattapani
  • Dharamshala
  • Haridwar

As you embark on this exciting journey through Chandigarh and its neighbouring treasures, may you create memories that last a lifetime. Happy exploring!


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