11 Jobs to Work From Home, During and After Pregnancy

jobs for pregnant women

Every woman has to go through different phases in life starting from being a loving daughter to a responsible wife, and then comes a time when she enters in a motherhood phase.

In a situation like this, working women have to put their careers on hold until postpartum ends. However, taking a break to take care of the baby is much needed and has to be given full consideration before returning to work.

For newly minted mothers, who are in good health after having a baby but find it tough to strike a balance between motherly and professional responsibilities, there are jobs to consider doing from home.

Here are 11 jobs for pregnant women that can be done from home, either part-time or full time like:

1. Customer Service Representative – Work At Home Jobs for Moms


Convincing someone can be a tough nut to crack, but if you are the one with the same confidence or skills, then the customer service representative job is for you. This job involves dealing with customers and their needs on a daily basis and provides work from home opportunities.

Many businesses now hire people to manage online inquiries or answer client phone calls from their homes. All you need is a dependable computer/ laptop and an Internet connection.

Where to start from – https://www.naukri.com/home-based-customer-service-representative-jobshttps://www.beingmomandmore.com/75-unique-motherhood-quotes-to-cherish/

2. Recruiting Coordinator – Jobs for Pregnant Women


A recruiting coordinator is involved in the process of identifying and hiring new employees for a company. Introducing these individuals to the organisation involves developing job descriptions, publishing job vacancies on job search portals, going through resumes and cover letters, and doing pre-interview screenings on audio or video calls which can be easily handled in a work-from-home jobs for pregnant women.

Where to start from – https://www.indeed.com/q-Recruiting-Coordinator-Work-From-Home-jobs.html?vjk=8a861342636999a3

3. Proofreader – Jobs for Mothers at Home


Knowing that you have a special eye for proofreading in a particular language (we consider English as commonly preferred language), a job from the same genre can be a great opportunity to explore.

A proofreader reads through various documents and corrects any mistakes that are present therein. Most of the documents are in online usage format, and makes it access-easy.

Where to start from – https://in.indeed.com/jobs?q=Proofreader&l=Work+from+home&from=searchOnHP&vjk=a30d9033ab48a1f7

4. Writer/Editor/Transcriptionist – Work from Home Jobs for Moms with Babies


Women with good writing skills can also try their hand at working as writers or editors, where finding the right sense to what you’re writing is all that makes this profile worth pursuing. As a writer or editor, one has to work on different types of content and help draft them as per the targeted industry or niche.

As a transcriptionist, you have to listen to audio content and write it down without editing what is said during the recording.

These jobs can be very reassuring for our ladies who want to strike a balance between their professional and personal lives.

Where to start from – https://in.indeed.com/jobs?q=Writer&l=Work+from+home&vjk=1178f802cc462626

5. Virtual Assistant


A virtual assistant handles different administrative tasks for entrepreneurs and small businesses, including online services, data management, and other miscellaneous tasks.

They can work remotely, so they are often free to choose their working hours and work wherever they have an internet connection, making it a perfect job for pregnant women who want to work from home and may be ablemay be able to make a full-time income.

Where to start from – https://in.indeed.com/jobs?q=Virtual+Assistant&l=Work+from+home&vjk=6aa590343478af03

6. Online Teacher / Tutor


Online teachers work remotely and provide customized lessons to students based on their individual needs. Many tutors offer their services online and conduct sessions with their clients through video-chatting technologies like Skype and FaceTime, which can be very beneficial to stay home and earning as well.

Where to start from – https://in.indeed.com/jobs?q=Online+Teacher+%2F+Tutor&l=Work+from+home&vjk=a398305eeb886199

7. Blogger


Blogging helps you flourish as a writer. Expecting mothers may succeed in the blogging business if expressing through words is what you love. Not just that, it’s a passive way to keep your income consistent.

Finding your niche, creating blog content, and growing an audience on any platform are all necessary for blogging success. Once you’ve done that, you may start earning money from blogging through affiliate marketing, advertising, or sponsorships.

You can blog about your experience if you are artistic and passionate about pregnancy and parenthood, but you can blog about anything as long as you attract readers!

Where to start from –https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+learn+bloging

8. Social Media Specialist


A social media specialist helps run marketing campaigns across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The benefits of this job are that some firms offer flexible work hours and schedules and give you the opportunity to be creative. This is also a good option if you’re looking for faster growth and post-pregnancy or long-term career stability.

Where to start from – https://in.indeed.com/jobs?q=social+media+specialist&l=Work+from+home&vjk=c43ca70a39c4cee5

9. Graphic Designer/Web Designer


This creative career allows you to be flexible about where and when you work. Additionally, it is enjoyable and varied.

Your tasks could include designing new logos, brochures, book covers, and product packaging in addition to creating web visuals and digital interface designs
Similarly, web development jobs are some of the best options for pregnant women because they can be done from home or during flexible work hours.

Where to start from – https://in.indeed.com/jobs?q=graphic+designer&l=Work+from+home&vjk=62b1c0e63be68fb8

10. Website Tester


If you’re looking for a remote career while pregnant, think about working as a website tester.

Website testers check websites for problems and defects and make recommendations for how the website might be improved.

To make sure their clients won’t have any problems with any of their services, some businesses may urge you to view films, utilise on-site calculators, use their checkout, and more.

To complete this simple task at home, all you need is a computer and a strong internet connection. It gets a thumbs up from us for pregnant women because there isn’t any physical activity required other than writing a report and potentially recording utilising the website.

Where to start from – https://in.indeed.com/jobs?q=Website+Tester&l=Work+from+home&vjk=6406dc60b097c3a0

11. Financial Planner


One of the best careers for pregnant women is financial planning.

Financial planners assist clients in investing wisely and saving for the future. In order to help your clients achieve their financial objectives, you would provide budgeting, financial tracking, and other services.

This employment provides pregnant job seekers with excellent income, flexible hours, and the chance to work from home, which is a significant plus.
Where to start from – https://in.indeed.com/jobs?q=financial+planning+and+analysis&l=Work+from+home&vjk=23fd57a19199c1f5


You can always take a break and resume when you’re ready.

Pregnant women can find work in a variety of fields when they want to have some relaxing time in their home which is more than great in terms of job satisfaction and growth.

It is all about using all the resources available effectively and getting new skills in the field of interest.

Different jobs provide different possibilities to earn different wages. So, you can choose the best suited for long-term growth as you stay with your family.


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Great article! As a soon-to-be mother, I found this information to be extremely valuable. The ability to work from home during pregnancy and after childbirth provides an opportunity for women to balance work and family responsibilities, without sacrificing one for the other. The list of jobs mentioned in the article is extensive and covers a range of industries, making it easier for women to find a job that suits their skills and interests. The tips and suggestions provided for working from home during pregnancy are also very helpful, and I appreciate the emphasis on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Overall, this article is a great resource for women looking for work-from-home opportunities during and after pregnancy. Thank you for sharing this valuable information!

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