7 Food Items In Your Diet To Protect Your Brain


Too many daily chores or doing efforts to strike a balance in work and home life – I get through this now and then, especially after becoming a mother. Things go out of my hands at times. One moment, I find myself in the kitchen and the other moment, sorting my to-do list at the back of my mind. It has been most of the working women’s lives.

That’s common, and we all are aware of it. But, is it that obvious to know that this deteriorates our memory power or skill to multitask with time!?

No question, you are doing a fab job, fighting all through the morning till you go back to bed with a max of the tasks done righteously. But does that make you forget things often? Or may be this leads you to ask why I forget things so often ..

A new Stanford study says, “Doing too many things at the same time — multitasking — reduces working memory.

So let’s face it that if you got to do it, do it more smartly and least believe in any multi-magic.

Talk to a dietician or maybe rescheduling what you eat yourself (if you know!).

Let me help you with this!!

  • Get a personalized diet plan based on the sort of work you do. It has a thumb rule to figure out your ideal weight.
  • Measure your height in centimetres and subtract 100 from it. Now, multiply this number (weight) with 300 to get a rough idea of how many calories you need a day.
  • Plan your diet in a way that you get all these calories from nutritious food while avoiding food loaded with empty calories (such as French fries, cola, or samosas). (well, save a cheat day for you!)

Include these food items in your diet to protect your brain:

A) 2-3 cups of green tea without sugar or milk every day.


B) 2-3 types of fresh fruits. Different fruit every other day will get you a variety of nutrients and fibres, preferably blueberries.


C) 2-3 dry fruits, like almonds, walnuts, and raisins every day.


D) Oily fish, at least twice a week.


E) Lots of fresh vegetables and leafy greens, weekly.


F) Half a glass of red wine, 3-4 times a week.


G) A piece of dark chocolate.


A woman requires some of the specific vitamins, minerals, and oxidants while she reaches her 30s or after that. If your food is deficient in these, your brain may suffer.

You may need to rethink on:

  • Minus unnecessary hogging on the laptop screen when your Me Time is pending after a tiresome day.
  • Give yourself at least 30 minutes daily before you sleep – you may read, or listen to music, or do binge watching your long-time pending series and more.
  • On a thinkable note, you can give a thought to analyze which aspects of your lifestyle are working out, where you are going wrong and how you can correct them. Ask yourself whether you are going in the right direction or you need to make a course correction.

I am all ears to listen and guide (if I may).

I would love to read what you feel…!!


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