750+ Stylish Baby Names with Meanings

750+ Stylish Baby Names with Meanings

It’s never easy to come up with a perfect baby name for your new baby. We all parents nowadays want to give their children a trendy, stylish, and adorable baby name. There are thousands of traditional and modern Indian baby names to choose from, making it difficult to find the perfect one.

We’ve put up a fresh collection of modern Indian baby names to make your job easier.  Here’s the list of 750+ stylish Indian baby names:

S. No. Boy Names Meanings
1 Aayush Long life, health and vigour
2 Avyaan Soothe and appease
3 Advik Unique
4 Akarsh Attraction, fascination
5 Aarogya the one having great health or being healthy
6 Aaroh the one having high qualities as a mountain
7 Aarpan Giving Away; offering ; To donate
8 Aarpit To Donate; Giving away; offering
9 Aarsh Crown; To gloat; With regal dignity and power
10 arth The meaning; Red Glimpse; God; Supreme Being; Creator
11 Aarv Great feel of peaceful and melodious music
12 Aaryaman Bosom Friend, Companion
13 Aaryash Brilliant; Intelligent
14 Aaryavir Brave Man ; Courageous Person; Fearless man
15 Aashay Summary; Gist; powerful; meaningful; influence; potent
16 Aashif the one having a confident character or being courageous
17 Aashirya Creative & strong personality from land of God
18 Anay One without a leader
19 Atharva Name of one of the Vedas
20 Arhaan Popularly believed to mean ‘ruler or emperor’
21 Ahaan The day
22 Arnav Ocean, sea
23 Aryaveer truthful, noble, brave
24 Adhrit Unrestrained; free
25 Aryaman The sun, a close companion
26 Aadi Adornment, Beginning, Perfect, Most important, Ornament, Unequalled, First
27 Aarav peaceful
28 Aarnav Ocean, Air, Sun, Wave, Stream, Sea
29 Aarush First Ray of the Sun, Calm, Red, Brilliant, Another name for the Sun
30 Abhimanyu Fragrance, Strong, Auspicious redpowder traditionally applied during the festival of holi
31 Abhiram Self-respect, Passionate, Heroic
32 Aditya Lovely, delightful
33 Advaith The sun
34 Advay Unique, Another name for Brahma and Vishnu, Non duality
35 Agastya Unique, One, United, With no duplicate
36 Akshay Name of a sage, One who humbles even the mountain
37 Amol Eternal, Immortal, Indestructible
38 Anirudh Priceless, Precious, Valuable
39 Anmol Sacred wood apple tree, Time, Creeper, A vine, The Jasmine creeper
40 Ansh Boundless, Unstoppable, Victorious, Unopposed
41 Arin Priceless, Invaluable, precious
42 Arjun Portion, Day
43 Aryan Full of Joy, Mountain strength, Ireland, Peace, Sunray
44 Atharv Fair, Open minded, Pure, Brilliant, A pandava Prince, Bright
45 Avi Of the Aryan race, Ancient, Warrior, Speedy, Another name for Indra, Kind, Benevolent
46 Ayaan Lord Ganesh
47 Ayush The Sun and air
48 Ayushman Someone who is religiously inclined, Gift of God
49 Azaan Age, Man, Long lived, One with long life, Duration of life
50 Azad Blessed with long life
51 Brijesh God of land of Brij, lord krishna
52 Bhumi Earth
53 Braahmi female energy of Bramha
54 Chirayu Immortal, Long-lived person, Blessed with a long life, Everlasting one.
55 Chaitanya Cognizance
56 Chakradev Lord Vishnu
57 Chakradhar Lord Vishnu or One who carries chakra
58 Champak flower
59 Chanakya bright
60 Chandran moon
61 Chandresh Moon leader
62 Charan feet
63 Chatresh Lord Shiva
64 Chaman garden
65 Chinmay Supreme consciousness, Name of Lord Ganesh, Blissful, A happy, blissful person.
66 Daksh Capable, Son of Lord Brahma, Fire, Gold, Talented, Excellent, Vigorous talented
67 Darshit Displayed, shown
68 Devansh Part of God
69 Dhanuk Bow
70 Dhairya Patience, endurance and perseverance
71 Divij Celestial, born in heaven
72 Divit Heavenly, reaching for the sky
73 Divyansh Popularly believed to mean ‘part of the divine being’
74 Dev God, King, light, heavenly, Cloud
75 Devansh Part of God, Eternal part of God, Demigod
76 Dakshesh Victory of the forest
77 Dalbir Propriety Of A King
78 Darpan mirror
79 Daanish Full of knowledge
80 Darsh Name of Lord Krishna
81 Deep Light; a generous and unusual being
82 Deepankar A jewel of magnificient light
83 Deepit A lighted being; born of the Sun
84 Devesh God Of Gods
85 Dhruv A firm and faithful individual; polar star
86 Dipal A charming beautiful person
87 Dipankar One who has a lamp in his hands
88 Danish To be merciful, forgiving, and clever
89 Dyansh To Give Mercy
90 Evan god has been gracious or stone or right hander or youth.
91 Evans god is good.
92 Ekansh Whole
93 Ekavir Bravest of the brave
94 Ekaraj Emperor
95 Ekbal prosperity
96 Fahid A person who does something good for those who are not there
97 Faisal Decisive
98 Farookh Sprout, Shoot
99 Farooq One who knows the difference between right and wrong
100 Farran One who is a baker
101 Fawad Heart
102 Fazal A feeling of excellence and superiority
103 Garit A person who always with a spear
104 Garvit Garv, Feels Proud
105 Gauresh A Name Of Lord Shiva
106 Gautam Lord Buddha, Remover of darkness, Full of life, One of the seven rishis, One who enlightens
107 Gagan Sky or Heaven
108 Gaurang Fair or Husband of Gauri (Parvati)
109 Girik Lord Shiva, Heart of the gods
110 Girindra Lord of the mountains or Lord Shiva
111 Girish lord of the Mountains
112 Gopal cowherd
113 Gaurav Honor or Pride or Respect or Prestige
114 Gunbir Virtuous and brave
115 Guneet Virtuous
116 Hana happiness
117 Hiranya Gold
118 Harsh Joy, Excitement, Happiness
119 Harshil Joyful, Kings of the hills, Kind hearted a sweet, Delighted
120 Hredhaan One with Great Heart
121 Hardik From the heart
122 Harish Lord Shiva or Lord Krishna
123 Hritik From the heart
124 Hitesh one who thinks well of everyone
125 Hemang One with shining body
126 Ishmeet god’s friend
127 Hanshal Swan like
128 Kabir Indian saint in 1440, Great, Famoussufi saint, Noble
129 Karan Talented, Intelligent, Ear, Document, Another name for brahman or the supreme spirit
130 Kaartik Son of Lord Shiva; God of War representing light, strength,…
131 Kaartikey Son of Lord Shiva; God of War representing light, strength,…
132 Kaasar A surname of Indian origin
133 Kairav Kairav name means Born from the Water
134 Kalpit Thought; One who imagines; A Visionary; Reflection; Notion
135 Kanish Caring
136 Kaustubh The name means A Jewel worn by lord Vinshu
137 Krishna all-attractive
138 Krishiv Believed to be a combination name created with the names ‘Krishna and Shiva’
139 Kiaan Popularly believed to mean ‘grace of God’
140 Kushagra Sharp and intelligent
141 Krish Related to agriculture; also used as a short form for the name Krishna
142 Lauhit The trident of Lord Shiva
143 Laksh Aim, Target, Goal
144 Lakshay Aim, Target, Goal
145 Lucky fortunate
146 Lakshit Targets
147 Lohit Red or Made of Copper
148 Laban White
149 Madhup A honeybee, A Honeybee, A derivative from Sanskrit word Madhu which means sweet.
150 Mahir Skilled
151 Manit Highly Respected; Honored; Renowned; Highly Regarded;
152 Madhav Descendant of Madhu
153 Mitesh One with few desires
154 Maanas Mind
155 Manbir Brave from heart
156 Maanav Youth
157 Manthan Reflection through study
158 Manan Reverence, homage
159 Manav A youth, mankind
160 Medhansh Popularly believed to mean ‘one who has inherited wisdom’
161 Monty ‘Mountain belonging to the ruler’ or ‘steep mountain
162 Moksh Salvation
163 Nachiket The spirit that gives the unquenchable thirst for the unknown, fire, that which is unperceived
164 Naksh Moon
165 Neel Blue
166 Nakul most handsome in the lineage
167 Naveen Beautiful, pleasant, always new
168 Nihal joyous, or successful
169 Nitesh heartbeat of earth
170 Navodit Newly risen
171 Namit Down to earth
172 Nimit Motive, sign
173 Nirvaan Ultimate bliss
174 Nishith Midnight
175 Om A mystic syllable, considered the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism
176 Omkaar Sound of the sacred syllable or Religious word OM
177 Onkar The purest one
178 Onveer brave
179 Orinder Pine Tree
180 Ojasvi Brave, Fearless
181 Omya Son
182 Oeshi Gods Precious Gift
183 Ohas Praise
184 Ojas Grandeur, vigour
185 Parth Son of “mother earth”
186 Pranav Praise, salutation
187 Praneel A name of Lord Shiva
188 Pranit Leader, pioneer, whom other follows
189 Pratyush Dawn, sun
190 Parv A holy day or festival
191 Praket Intelligence
192 Pranay Reverence; affection
193 Pratham The first one
194 Purab East
195 Qabil Acceptor
196 Qadim ancient
197 Qarin constant companion
198 Qasim one who distributes
199 Rachit Prepared, Written
200 Ranveer Hero of the battle
201 Rayaan Fragrant herb, Atmosphere, galaxy, gates of Heaven
202 Rehaan Scented
203 Reyan Fame
204 Rishi Sage
205 Ridhaan Explorer, keen mind
206 Rohan Ascending, Blossom, Another name for Vishnu, rising
207 Ronith Embellishment, charming
208 Rudra One of the names of Shiva, storm
209 Rushil Charming
210 Raghav Born in Raghu clan
211 Ranbir The brave warrior
212 Reyansh Part of a stream
213 Ritvik Priest
214 Ryan King
215 Rudransh Popularly believed to mean, ‘part of Rudra’
216 Seem name of a flower
217 Saksham Competent
218 Samaksh Presence
219 Samar War, battle
220 Samarth Adequate
221 Samesh Lord of equality
222 Sarthak Meaningful
223 Sathvik Calm, Virtuous
224 Shaurya Bravery
225 Shivansh A Portion Of Lord Shiv
226 Siddharth One who has accomplished a goal
227 Saatvik Pure, pious
228 Shayak Arrow
229 Savar A name of Lord Shiva
230 Sahil Guide
231 Sambhav Possible, can make things possible
232 Shaan Peaceful, pride
233 Saihaj Popularly believed to mean ‘peaceful’
234 Shlok Hymn, a vedic chant
235 Shray Credit
236 Stuvan To praise
237 Suveer Popularly said to mean ‘heroic’ and ‘courageous’
238 Suneet he who has good conducts/ethics
239 Shikhar Peak
240 Swastik conducive to well-being
241 Tanay son
242 Tanish Ambition
243 Tarak star, protector
244 Tarun young and energetic male
245 Teerth Holy place
246 Tanveer Brave and strong in body
247 Taksh Gold mountain, divine mountain
248 Tanvik Believed to mean ‘a king’
249 Tanmay Engrossed
250 Tejas Sharpness
251 Udant Correct Message
252 Udarsh Brimming
253 Utkarsh Advancement, Superior, excellence
254 Umang Happiness or Enthusiastic, enthusiastic
255 Upkaar Favour
256 Udit Rise
257 Ved A scripture or text
258 Vihaan It means “the time of dawn just when the Sun is rising”
259 Vyan Originating from Sanskrit word “Vyana” it means “breath of life or giving”
260 Ujjwal Bright, clear
261 Vedant Vedic method of self realization, Knower of the Vedas, theology
262 Veer Heroic, powerful
263 Viaan Full of life, Lively.
264 Varun Water God
265 Vardaan blessings
266 Vrund Goddess Radha, basil
267 Vaibhav Glory, grandeur
268 Vihaan Morning, dawn
269 Viraj Sovereign, splendour
270 Virat Heroism, valour
271 Vivaan To plait or twist in the context of weaving
272 Wishi Wish that is fulfilled
273 Wahab servant of the all-giver
274 Wazir Minister
275 Warinder Lord of oceans
276 Warjas ancestary
277 Wriddhish Lord Ganesha
278 Wridesh blessed
279 Yash Glory, reputation
280 Yatin Devoted; ascetic
281 Yagnesh Sacrifice
282 Yatan Devotee
283 Yug An era, a generation
284 Yuvaan Youthful and strong; a young prince
285 Yuvraj Prince
286 Zayan Beautifier
287 Zaid to prosper
288 Zayyan beautifier
289 Zashil Enthusiastic
290 Zehaan Super Abun
291 Zain Radiance, excellence
292 Zeeshan Dignified, respected
Girl Names
293 Zev Meaning a deer or wolf, it sounds different yet appealing
294 Aaruhi Daughter of God
295 Aarti The act of worshiping the almighty
296 Aashi Smile; Laughter; Cheerful; Delighted and Happy;
297 Aaruna the other name of Sun, the one having a power of sun in his…
298 Aaruni To begin or develop anything and grow light in the morning….
299 Anvi Goddess of the forest or one who loves nature.
300 Aarushi First rays of the sun; Bright, Brilliant and Radiant rays of…
301 Anshu ray of light
302 Aarvi The word has a meaning of peace, or the one who makes peace
303 Ani glass
304 Aastha Faith
305 Aashaka Aarti’s best wishes
306 Aasharya the Son of the Sun
307 Anika Grace
308 Aamani Spring
309 Anvi Deity of the forest
310 Arya Parvathi Devi
311 Aslesha Group Of Stars
312 Aamya soft, night rain
313 Aashna The One Who Is Devoted To Love
314 Ahalya Woman Saved By God Rama
315 Anamika Ring Finger
316 Aadrika Call for the prayer
317 Aarya Free, Independent
318 Aarna A celestial being
319 Aaradhita Respectable and noble
320 Aarohi River or wave
321 Aasiya Respected and revered
322 Adhira Ascending order of musical notes in Hindustani classical music
323 Advika Pensive
324 Amyra Lightening
325 Aayat One who is unique
326 Akshara Female form of ruler or princess
327 Anahita God’s greatness, a verse from the Holy Quran
328 Anaisha Letter, speech
329 Ananya Popularly believed to mean ‘graceful’
330 Arushi Of or during the day
331 Aradhya To seek or follow
332 Aadya Without a second, First power, It is also Goddess Durga’s name
333 Aadhya Dawn
334 Aahana One worth worshiping
335 Aalia excellent and the first or primeval /  synonym of Goddess Durga
336 Aanya First power
337 Aaradhya Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day, First rise of the Sun
338 Aditi Excellent, Highest social standing, Tall, Towering
339 Adweta Inexhaustible, Limitless, Resurrection
340 Adya Worshipped, Blessing of Lord Ganesh
341 Ahana Goddess Lakshmi, Water, Wave, Effervescing, Stream
342 Amaira A music tune, Progressive, Evolving
343 Amaya Mother of the gods, Liberty, Perfection, Creativity, Freedom, Safety, Abundance
344 Amrita World, Earth, Unique
345 Amruta inspirational, idealistic
346 Anaya First power, Goddess Durga, First, Unequalled, Perfect, The earth
347 Andrea Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day
348 Angel Letters, Goddess Saraswati
349 Anushka One who will be beautiful forever
350 Anya Immeasurable
351 Aria Immortality
352 Arunima State of deathlessness, Immortality
353 Avni Special
354 Bianca White
355 Binal The Princess
356 Bina Musical Instrument
357 Bagya luck, fortune
358 Bharvi Holy Basil Plant
359 Bhashkar The Sun
360 Bhasi Illusory, A daughter of Tamra
361 Bhasin Shining; Brilliant
362 Bhaumi Goddess sita
363 Bhaumik lord of earth
364 Bhaumika Being on the earth.
365 Bhautik Everything you see, Feel, Smell
366 Bhava  Existing; of the nature of existence.
367 Bhavana Feeling
368 Bhavani Goddess Parvati
369 Bhavanika The abode of the universe
370 Bhavna Goddess Parvati, Purity, Gift from God
371 Bhagyasri fortunate
372 Baghyawati lucky
373 Bhanumati Full of lustre; Famous
374 Bhavani Goddess Parvati
375 Binita Modest
376 Bishakha star
377 Brinda tulsi
378 Bhumi Earth
379  Bani Earth
380 Blessy Blessing
381 Braahmi female energy of Bramha
382 Candanayika Slayer of canda, A minor form of durga
383 Candani Moonlight, Fair
384 Chaarvi Beautiful girl, Sanskrit
385 Charu attractive” or “beautiful.
386 Chaaya A shade or a shadow
387 Charvi Beautiful, young lady
388 Charvik Intelligent
389 Chavi Image, A ray of light
390 Chhavi Radiant; reflection of an image
391 Canisa Very Dear
392 Chara Quiet
393 Chayana the moon
394 Charvi Beautiful lady
395 Diana Perfect
396 Disha Direction
397 Drishya Sight/ Vision/ Gaze
398 Deepit Bright, Lighted
399 Dhriti Lightening
400 Dani  God-loving and deeply religious
401 Diti radiance” or “brilliance.
402 Diva Lamp, daytime
403 Drishya To be seen, visible
404 Dhriti Courage, Morale, Steadiness, Command, Pleasure, Determination, Patience, Virtue
405 Divya Divine or Divine Luster
406 Divyakshi Heavenly eyes
407 Diya Lamp
408 Damini Lightning
409 Damyanti “soothing”; “subduing”
410 Darika Maiden
411 Dayamai Kind; Merciful
412 Diana Perfect
413 Disha Direction
414 Diva Lamp, daytime
415 Drishya To be seen, visible
416 Dhriti Courage, Morale, Steadiness, Command, Pleasure, Determination, Patience, Virtue
417 Deesha One who shows ways to others
418 Deetya Goddess Laxmi has answered the prayers
419 Divya Divine or Divine Luster
420 Divyakshi Heavenly eyes
421 Devika Minor deity, God like
422 Devina Resembling a goddess
423 Dayita beloved
424 Dipu A shinning and light hearted individual
425 Dishi Direction
426 Darsha To see
427 Ditvi Divine Good
428 Ditya A name of Goddess Durga. It means answer of prayers.
429 Divisha You Search And Find
430 Divit A heavenly being; immortal person
431 Dwani Voice
432 Damini Lightning; powerful
433 Darpita The proud one
434 Deepali A electromagnetic person; filled with light
435 Deepika Lord of heat; Sun’s light
436 Deepa A lamp
437 Deetya Goddess Laxmi has answered the prayers
438 Devika Minor deity, God like
439 Devina Resembling a goddess
440 Diksha The one who initiates; self reliant
441 Deepti Full of light
442 Darpita The proud one
443 Eashita A person who desires a lot .
444 Elina Pure, Intelligent Greek
445 Emi It is a popular name in Japanese as well
446 Esha Pleasure Or Desire
447 Eva Life
448 Estaa Loving
449 Emily Flower
450 Eshana Desire
451 Eshani Goddess Parvathi
452 Eshika An Arrow, Dart
453 Eshita One Who Desires
454 Eshma Lucky
455 Evanshi Similarity
456 Evi One who breathes and lives
457 Evy A woman who gave life to everything
458 Eyan To feel the graciousness of God
459 Evita Deminutive of Eva, means a mother of all that lives
460 Eshna Desire
461 Ebbani Desire/ Will/ Passion
462 Ela Name of a composition in Indian music.
463 Eshana Seeking, longing
464 Eenakshi Doe-eyed
465 Ekaja The only child
466 Ekani One
467 Ekanta Solitude, Peaceful
468 Ekta Unity
469 Ela oak
470 Eshana wish, desire
471 Eta Luminous
472 Ekantika Singly focused
473 Ella light
474 Ekiya Kindness
475 Faiza Bloom, Be Successful
476 Falak Brave, Fearless
477 Farisha Yazid Al-Abshamiyah’S Daughter
478 Fatheha Guide, Proof
479 Farida unique
480 Farah Joy, Happiness, Delight
481 Fareeda An unparalleled and unique woman
482 Fahima A woman of great intelligence and knowledge
483 Fairy A magical creature
484 Farzana Wise, Learned
485 Fathia To achieve victory
486 Fathima A woman who abstains
487 Falguni Beautiful
488 Farzeen Gift Of God, Beautiful
489 Fauziya Triumphant, Victorious
490 Gamini Activity of walking or running.
491 Ganika Flower
492 Ganikaa The one who is expert in dancing.
493 Gargi Name of a learned woman, goddess durga
494 Garima Prowess, strength, honor
495 Gauri Cow coloured, Fair
496 Gunbir Virtuous and brave
497 Guneet Virtuous
498 Gina Powerful Woman
499 Gulika Pearl
500 Gina Powerful Woman
501 Gulika Pearl
502 Ghusn branch, twig
503 Gaura Fair Woman
504 Gauri Fair, White
505 Geet song
506 Geetika Beauty
507 Ganga Ganga is the name of the holiest river in India and is worshipped by many Hindus
508 Garima One Who Is Heaven-Sent
509 Gaurangi Fair complexioned
510 Gayathri Mother of Vedas
511 Gaurika Lord Of Brahmins
512 Gautami Clouds
513 Hana happiness
514 Hiranya Gold
515 Hrithika One With Kind Heart
516 Hitakshi one with caring eyes
517 Hamsika A swan
518 Hrishita Pleased, happy
519 Hrida From the heart
520 Hiral Lustrous
521 Harini The God Of Silence
522 Hemangini Jasmine
523 Hema Nectar
524 Harinakshi A Precious
525 Harita Fast, Progressive
526 Ishi salvation.
527 Inaaya Help and protection from the Almighty
528 Ishani Consort of Lord shiva., Close to God
529 Ishita Superior, Wealthy
530 Idika The earth
531 Ikshita A Dark , Beautiful Woman
532 Inaaya Help and protection from the Almighty
533 Ishani A name for Goddess Durga; a silk-cotton tree
534 Ilisa Queen of the earth
535 Inaya Concern, Solicitude
536 Inu Attractive
537 Ipsita Wished for, desired
538 Isha another name of durga
539 Ishani Goddess Durga
540 Isheeta Superior
541 Ishi Goddess Durga
542 Ishika Paint Brush
543 Ishmita Friend Of God
544 Isita Desired, Superiority
545 Ismita individuality
546 Jasmine an Old World shrub or climbing plant which is popular as an ornamental
547 Jhanvi Ganga the river
548 Jhanvi The river Ganga; daughter of Yaksha, the wise.
549 Jiya Radiance, sweetheart
550 Jagrati pleased by Gods
551 Jagvi Worldly
552 Jalsa The name is a variation of the Arabic word Rehan, meaning ‘God’s chosen one’.
553 Janaki Name of God
554 Januja Joyous
555 Janya life
556 Jasmit Famed; Celebrated
557 Jeevika River narmada
558 Jhalak Glimpse or Spark
559 Ketki Flower
560 Kajal Mascara
561 Kanika Molecule
562 kalki white horse
563 Kaira Kaira means Peaceful and Unique
564 Kainaat Universe
565 Kanishka Name of a King of the Kushan Empire in South Asia who suppor…
566 Kanita Iris of the eye
567 Kannika Maiden
568 Kasvi Kasvi means She is Glowing
569 Kausik Kausik means Affectionate and Lovable
570 Kausika Drinking vessel, Receptacle
571 Kausiki Sheathed, Hidden, Covered
572 Kavni Kavni means a short, small poem
573 Kavya Kavya means Poetry in the motion, a Poem
574 Kaya This is a dark purple flower
575 Kayra Kayra means She is a Peaceful and Unique Girl
576 Kaysa Kysa means Fruit Tree
577 Kavya Poetry in motion, Poem, Laden with sentiment, Worth, Learning, Foresight, With the qualities of a sage or poetlearning
578 Khushi Happiness, Smile, Delight
579 Kiara Little black one, Dusky, Dark haired
580 Krisha Divine, Thin
581 Kajal Peace
582 Kamya wish, desire
583 Kashika inherent in the very nature of things
584 Kashvi Popularly believed to mean ‘shining’
585 Khanak The tinkling of bangles
586 Khushi Happiness, joy
587 Kiara Dark-haired
588 Kimaya Popularly believed to mean ‘divine’
589 Kanira Kanira means Grain
590 Kanisa Beautiful
591 Laasya Dance Performed By Goddess Parvathi
592 Leya musical rhythm
593 Liya Beautiful
594 Lekha Writing
595 Lasya A gentle form of dance
596 Lavanya Beauty or grace
597 Lakshmi Goddess of wealth or Goddess Laxmi or fortunate
598 Lipika Idea, Imagination, Fancy
599 Lopa Sun
600 Lekha Goddess
601 Leena Lord Of The Universe or Immortal
602 Libni White, whiteness
603 Lajita modesty
604 Lina Absorbed, Engrossed
605 Mahi The World; Earth; Mother Earth
606 Mahira Skilled, Skilful, Proficient
607 Maitri Friendship
608 Manasi Mental, Spiritual adoration
609 Mihira Feminine form of Mihir the Sun
610 Mahi great Earth” or “river.
611 Mihika Mist
612 Maira beloved
613 Meera Krishna’s Devotee
614 Manan Celebrate, persuade
615 Manjari Manjari also refers to flowers in general, mango flowers.
616 Mayra Beloved, precious person. It is a lovely feminine name and modern too
617 Mannat Special prayer
618 Meera Prosperous, Affluent, Lord Krishna’s most famous devotee
619 Mihira Female form of Mihir, which means The Sun
620 Nia love” or “dewdrop
621 Niru strength
622 Nita Within Rules
623 Nyra The beauty of Goddess Saraswati
624 Nadira Pinnacle
625 Naina Eyes
626 Nithya Always
627 Noshi sweet
628 Naira Shining, Glittering
629 Navya Worth praising, Young, Praiseworthy
630 Nayantara Iris, Star of the eyes
631 Niharika Dew Drop
632 Nisha Night
633 Nitara Having Deep Roots
634 Netra Kingdom
635 Nidra Love
636 Nikita English Version Of The Irish Aodán Or Meaning “Fire”.
637 Nilima Indian Name From The Sanskrit Meaning “Unconquerable”.
638 Neila Sapphire Blue, Variation of the name “Neela”
639 Nyra Beauty of Goddess Saraswati
640 Naina Eyes, Name of a Goddess, Vision
641 Oorvi Earth
642 Oorja Energy/ Vibrations/ Enthusiasm
643 Onalika Image/ Picture/ Appearance/ Visualization
644 Oishi divine
645 Oorja Affectionate, Energy
646 Oorjita Giver of Energy, Vigour
647 Ovya Beautiful Drawing, Artist
648 Olivia olive tree
649 Omaja Lotus-Eyed
650 Omisha Modest
651 Oni Lord Of Goodness
652 Opal jewel
653 Osha Combustion, shining, burning
654 Pranavi Goddess Parvathi
655 Parina Fairy
656 Prina Content
657 Prisha God’s gift
658 Palak Eye lid, Eyelash
659 Pari Angelic, Ethereal beauty, Fragile
660 Peehu Sweet sound, chattering of birds, Peahen
661 Parineeta Complete being, married woman, Skilful person
662 Parnika Tiny leaf, Name of Goddess Parvati, A unique and different name
663 Pari Beauty, Fairy, Angel
664 Pihu Chattering of bird
665 Puvi Earth
666 Pratyusha Bright
667 Prisha Talent given by God, Beloved, Loving, Gods gift
668 Pahal The Moon A Night After Amavasya
669 Palak Guardian
670 Panini of a poet
671 Pallavi Man Who Has Been Taught Customary Law And Entrusted With Certain Duties:
672 Parul Name of a flower; beautiful; gracious
673 Pavani Full Moon
674 Qushi happy
675 Qiyara Very Pretty
676 Qayanat all creations
677 Rhia Good Heart
678 Raya flow
679 Raagini Melody, Music, Name of Goddess Lakshmi
680 Ruhani Sacred, divine
681 Rishika Saintly
682 Rishima Moonlight or Moonbeam, A rare yet simple name for a delicate girl child
683 Rajani/Rajni The entertainer, One who spreads joy and cheer, Delightful
684 Rachita Created
685 Raveena Sunny
686 Ridhi Good fortune, prosperity
687 Riya Rich or from hadria, Gem, Goddess Lakshmi, Graceful, Singer
688 Rabhya Worshipped
689 Rachana Creation
690 Radha From The German Fridu Meaning “Peace”
691 Rajata A Name From Ancient Epics
692 Rajeshri Sweet Girl
693 Raksha Genius
694 Saira poetess, princess
695 Simi limit
696 Savi Sun; Goddess Durga / Lakshmi
697 Sana Art , Praise, Prayer
698 saiyami One with Self Control
699 Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi, One who will be followed
700 Sahana Raaga or patience, Queen
701 Samaira Enchanting, Protected by God
702 Sarah Happy, Pure, Princess
703 Saumya Mild, Goddess Durga
704 Shanaya Eminent, Distinguished, Born on saturday, First Ray of the Sun
705 Shravya Musical tone, Worthy of being heard
706 Shreya Goddess Lakshmi, Auspicious, Luster, Prosperity, Pratham, Shrestha, Beauty, Grace, Power, Brilliance, Dignity power, Another name for Saraswati, Sacred, A musical Raag
707 Siddhi perfection
708 Sneha Love
709 Suhana Beautiful
710 Suhani Beautiful
711 Saarya Name of a pious woman, full of virtuosity
712 Sejal River water full of water
713 Siddhi Triumph, one who attains perfection
714 Saadhika Pious, Achiever, Name of Goddess Durga
715 Sagarika Born of the Ocean, Wave,
716 Tabu Excellent
717 Tisha happiness
718 Tania Fairy Princess
719 Tina River
720 Trisha Noble, Honourable, It is derived from the name Patricia
721 Tiya Bird
722 Tejal Radiant, Talented, Brilliant, full of Energetic
723 Trayi Intellect, Brainpower, Rare name that speaks about intelligence
724 anvi Slender, Beautiful, Delicate
725 Trisha Thirst
726 Tanmayi Wholly absorbed in God
727 Tamanna The Effusion Of Them, A High Heap
728 Tanuja Woman
729 Tripti Winner Of The World
730 Triveni Confluence of three sacred river Ganga or Yamuna and Saraswati
731 Triya Young woman
732 Turvi Superior
733 Tulsi A Kind Of Basil Which Is Cultivated By Hindus As A Sacred Plant
734 Udita One who has risen
735 Unaisa Sweetheart
736 Udyati elevated
737 Unnati Union
738 Unni an infant boy
739 Upadhriti a ray
740 Urishilla excellent
741 Urmi wave
742 Upma the best
743 Upasna Veneration, worship
744 Vaishanavi Worshipper of Lord Vishnu
745 Vedanti One who has the knowledge of the Vedas
746 Udyati Elevated, Eminent person, powerful personality
747 Varali Raagam in Carnatic music
748 Vanani Forest
749 Vanya The gracious gift of god
750 Vaishnavi Worshipper of Vishnu
751 Vansha Bamboo, Backbone, Cane
752 Vanya Hindu female deity of forests, Van ki Devi, Gods gift, God is gracious
753 Vanita Woman
754 Vanisha Queen of the universe
755 Vedhika Full of knowledge, Altar, A river in India, Consciousness, An Apsara or celestial
756 Vinaya Modest, Restrained, Decent
757 Vamakshi Beautiful eyed
758 Vamika Goddess Durga
759 Vasatika Morning light
760 Vasudha Another Name For Shiva
761 Vaibhavi Goddess Laxmi
762 Waida promise
763 Warda Guardian
764 Wishi Fulfil Wish
765 Wafiya Trustworthy
766 Watika garden
767 Waheeda unique
768 Wajeeha glorious
769 Wakeeta beautiful flower
770 Widisha Intermediate region; knowledge
771 Yutika Multitude
772 Yashika Successful, Bearing prosperity
773 Yogita, Yogika Enchanted, One who is able to concentrate
774 Yukta Focussed, Engrossed
775 Yashawini Glorious, Victorious, Famous, Known across the seven seas
776 Yachana Pleading
777 Yadavi Goddess Durga
778 Yahvi Heaven or Earth
779 Yashica Success
780 Yashoda Mother of lord Krishna or Famous or Successful
781 Yashodhara One who has achieved fame
782 Zaara The Little one, tiny, petite
783 Ziya Glory, Graceful, The Enlightened one
784 Zara In flower, Bright as the dawn, Brilliance, Blossoming flower
785 Zoya Life
786 Zoey life
787 Zora Friend
788 Zuri beautiful
789 Zaha flower
790 Zaida Proper Name
791 Zarna A small stream of sweet water
792 Zenia Noble, Eminent
793 Zivah radiance, brilliance, light, God, brightness

We hope this list helps you to choose the perfect & stylish name for your baby. Tell us, what name are you choosing for your baby?


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