Valentine’s Day 2024: 15 Gift Ideas for Your Expecting Wife Under 5000


Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It’s that time of year again when everyone is thinking about what to get for their loved ones. And what better way to show how much you care than by giving them a gift that is personal and special?

Especially when your beloved is going through the most important time of her life and is about to become a mother. Your thoughts may revolve around pampering her before embracing the parenthood phase. So, what will make her smile more fascinating?

If you are wondering how a gift can be perfect in terms of expressions and emotions, check out these gift ideas for expecting wife

1. Prenatal Spa Voucher


Give your expecting wife the gift of relaxation and pampering with a prenatal spa voucher. Treat her to a soothing spa experience designed specifically for pregnant women, helping her unwind and relieve any pregnancy-related stress.

Price: INR 3000 – 4000

Where to get: Explore local spa centres or check online spa platforms for prenatal packages.

2. Pregnancy-Approved Skincare Set


Treat her to a skincare set that is safe and suitable for pregnancy. Look for products free from harmful chemicals that address the unique skincare needs during this sensitive period.

Price: INR 2500 – 4500

Where to get:


3. Pregnancy Milestone Cards


Celebrate each milestone of her pregnancy with a set of adorable milestone cards. These cards can be used to capture and remember significant moments throughout the journey to motherhood.
Price: INR 300 – 1500
Where to get: Pregnancy Milestone Cards


4. Comfortable Maternity Loungewear


A set of comfy and stylish maternity loungewear can make her feel pampered and at ease. Look for options that prioritise both comfort and style, ensuring she can relax in style during her pregnancy.
Price: INR 1500 – 3500
Where to get:


5. Relaxing Bath Salts


Treating your expecting wife to relaxing bath salts is a thoughtful and soothing gift idea. Bath salts can help ease the discomfort that often comes with pregnancy, providing her with a calming and rejuvenating experience.

Price: INR 500 – 1500

Where to get:


6. Maternity Photoshoot


Capturing those special 9 months can make a memorable Valentine’s day for both parents. So, a maternity photo shoot will brighten her day while she embraces motherhood.

Price: INR 4000 – 5000

Where to get: Search Google for the best services according to your location.


7. Jewelry


Finding her that lovely, perfect, yet a light piece of jewellery will personalize the day. Making it the star of the day will make her fall in love with you all over again. What’s more! If you plan ahead of time, you can consider customizing by having a name or signature pendant to have the surprise ready on the big day!

Price: INR 2000 – 5000

Where to get:


8. Foot Massager or Foot Roller


Aside from pampering her with appealing gift options, knowing your partner is as lovely as giving her something that her body needs in this tough time. Foot massagers or foot rollers do their job as the best gift for pregnant wife, especially if she is struggling with foot pain.

She will slide her feet into an electric foot massager and then relax while getting a no-stress foot massage. She can pamper her feet with a foot roller device made of wood or plastic. And, later, you can take her to a surprise candlelight dinner.

Price: INR 4699

Where to get:


Read more:

9. Pregnancy Pillow


Agreed! It’s not always comfy or easy to be pregnant! Give her a pregnancy pillow as a comforting gift so she may rest peacefully all night (other than the midnight bathroom trip, of course). The size, shape, fabric, filling, and other factors must be considered when selecting a pregnancy pillow.

If you’d prefer the expectant mother to choose her pillow, think about giving her a gift card, or be sure to include the gift receipt so she may exchange it if she so chooses.

Price: INR 2199

Where to get:


10. Yoga Ball


Move it when you need it! Known to relieve pelvic pressure or back pain, yoga ball (a.k.a. Birthing ball) can do wonders. And, if your partner is seeking support and rest then grab the moment on valentine’s day to help her feel likewise with this thoughtful gift.

Giving a yoga ball as a gift will be helpful for postpartum exercise and during pregnancy and childbirth!

Price: INR 3325

Where to get:


11. Ads Free Streaming


While we’re on the subject of gift baskets and the like, keep in mind that a thoughtful present doesn’t have to be pricey to be wonderful. The gift that keeps on giving is a subscription package. Pregnant ladies can choose from a variety of subscription boxes. Furthermore, some of them are unique to each month or trimester of her pregnancy. Well, you can

Price: INR 149 – 649 (per month)

Where to get:


Read more:

12. Pregnancy Support Belt


Mommy-to-be is carrying a lot of weight in this period, which will undoubtedly cause significant hurt to her back. These bolstering belly bands can be useful. It softly raises and cradles her belly to ease the pressure, and when she’s lying down, it provides additional support with memory foam pads.

Price: INR 1299

Where to get:


13. Ultrasonographic Art


Create a keepsake piece of art from the baby’s sonogram! Anything having the baby’s first photo on it, whether it’s a print in a basic frame or a complex work of art based on the sonogram, is guaranteed to be a hit.

Price: INR 2159

Where to get:


14. Stretch Marks Set


Stretch marks are common during pregnancy. They’re a natural result of the stretching of skin caused by growing a baby. While they can be a source of embarrassment and anxiety. You can gift her a stretch mark set to show your love and support.

Price: INR 4261

Where to get:


15. Essential Oil Diffuser


This is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give since her body fragrance is changing and it’s even irritating for her. An essential oil diffuser can touch your loved one’s soul and give her some pleasant moments of relief.

Price: INR 3250

Where to get:



Shower Her with Love

Giving a gift to a pregnant woman is one way to show her your love and support! Finding the best gift for pregnant wife is not always simple, but with the gift ideas for expecting wife we provided above, it may not be as difficult as you first thought.

A thoughtful present will make her feel special and cherished and is likely to increase her excitement for the birth of her new baby, whether you choose a stretch mark set, a pregnancy book, soft pyjamas, or anything for the tiny one.

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From comfortable clothing to prenatal vitamins and self-care products, these gift ideas are sure to make any expectant mother feel loved and appreciated. A great guide for anyone who wants to make their wife’s pregnancy journey a little bit easier and more special. Thank You for Sharing.

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