7 Reminders for Winter 2022


India is endowed with diversity in every way! Whether in terms of religions or seasons, it is what makes it so beautiful and exciting. Gather your cooped-up winter accessories and put on those layers.

Whether we want it to or not, winter is upon us and will last until February. We must take the same care to stay warm in the winter months as in the summer.

Adults have greater immunity and, therefore, can endure colds more easily than children. Throughout this season, children are more prone to colds and viral infections.


Common cold and flu-like symptoms include sneezing, hacking, sniffing, and coughing. To keep your child from getting sick, you should take a few precautions. 

As part of these preparations, you should do more than just wear extra thermals. You should also make some permanent changes to your lifestyle to avoid problems during the winter. 

As a mother, we are always concerned about what adjustments we need to make in our lifestyle to go hand in hand with season change for our children. 

Here is a list of things and some extras that our children need to keep them safe from harsh winters, especially after COVID-19 and other diseases that could be hiding in the environment. 

  • Keep Your Child’s Skin Safe

Cold weather and low humidity can dehydrate the skin. Encourage kids to take a warm (not hot) bath every other day for five to ten minutes to soak up as much moisture as they can. 

Rather than bubble baths and perfumed soaps, use moderate cleansers. If your child’s skin is particularly dry or sensitive, mix in some Soothing Bath Treatment.

  • Remember to Stay Hydrated

Kids work up a sweat when playing in all that gear, so make sure they take a water break every two hours and help them rehydrate and refuel when they come inside.

Water is usually the best option, but if you want to spice things up, serve it heated with mint, lemon, apples, oranges, or berries. Put it in a thermos so they can drink it outside.

Herbal teas aren’t exclusively for the elderly. Children like to drink chamomile, ginger, or golden milk tea, which is made with warming spices like turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper.

Make a new hot chocolate with half a cup of warm water. Add one or maybe more extras, such as honey, cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract, or small marshmallows.

  • Flu Vaccination

Getting vaccinated is essential, especially in this day and age when new viral illnesses pop up every day. 

For kids, it’s better to be cautious than sorry. Get them a flu shot to keep them from becoming sick. 

Although immunization cannot cure the cold virus, it can lessen the chances of getting the flu.

  • Increase your eczema treatment

Once or twice a day, and after a bath, apply a neutral moisturiser. Moisturizing lotion ointments are the most effective against eczema. 

Wool and other scratchy shirts and sweaters should be avoided.

  • Wash hands frequently

The most contagious sites for the virus to spread are the hands. So, it’s important for kids to wash their hands often to avoid getting colds and other infections. 

Another key aspect is that in cold weather, children tend to avoid water and washing their hands because it is cold, but they also touch too many objects. 

As a result, it is critical that kids clean their hands regularly so that they will not develop a cold.

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitiser

Standard hand sanitisers are incapable of completely eliminating germs. It is critical to utilize alcohol-based hand sanitisers that give superior protection.

This is also useful because there are instances when you cannot wash your hands or soap is not available, so it becomes necessary to avoid to prevent from the cold during the winter season.

Put a tiny bottle of hand sanitiser in your child’s bag as well, and make sure it’s gel-based. Gel-based sanitisers may be safer for youngsters to use because they do not splash into sensitive parts like the eyes.

  • Consider using a humidifier

Using a humidifier, especially in your child’s room, can make the dryness less noticeable. Do not position the humidifier near or directly over your child for safety concerns.


These were some essentials. Now here are some practised pointers. Trust me, they still work wonders. 

Moisturize right away

As soon as your child gets out of the tub, wipe their skin lightly with just a towel to keep it damp, and then apply a cream-based moisturizer.

Dryness makes people irritated and licks their lips, but the chemicals and germs in saliva irritate the skin. Spread petroleum jelly or something like Aquaphor that doesn’t have a smell all over your child’s mouth. Avoid flavoured balms, which are pleasant and can encourage children to lick more.

Keep those chubby cheeks safe

Before going outside, put petroleum jelly or a moisturizer on any exposed parts of your face to keep them from getting chapped. Apply it under masks as well; inhaling can cause the skin to get moist and chafed.

Keep your hands dry

Wet mittens dry the skin, and if they’re also cold, this can result in cracked fingers. Change gloves as needed, then apply moisturizers as soon as possible.

Winter can be enjoyable for your child if they spend their time in a healthy and productive manner. So, turn those dreary winter days into an opportunity for your child to explore the natural world.

Encourage the youngster by providing various enjoyable and safe indoor and outdoor activities. Also, ensure that you follow each of the above guidelines to improve your child’s general health and keep him/her active and lively during the winter months.


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